Early Interior Design Color Trends and Predictions for 2017

Early Interior Design Color Trends and Predictions for 2017

Pantone Color Institute announced their annual Color of the Year just three months ago. Isn’t it too early to start talking about 2017? Apparently not. Last week at the International Home and Housewares Show the Institute’s executive director announced the nine color palettes for 2017 from their Pantone View Home + Interiors catalogue. No need to shell out the big bucks to take a gander, our interior design firm has laid the palette out for you.

Pantone Color Institute’s Color Predictions for 2017 and What it Means for You

Day Dreaming


The 2016 Color(s) of the Year are Serenity (subtle blue) and Rose Quartz (subtle pink). Both of these carry a pastel theme. Day Dreaming is an extension of the two, echoing sentiments of light and ethereal. This concept asks you to leave your stress to the wayside, and introduce colors such as Benjamin Moore’s Yellow Iris and Nile Green into your home (or office) via the paint on your walls.

At Ease


Those with a penchant for more sophisticated colors will feel at ease with this Pantone pick. At Ease encourages you to embrace popular neutral colors when painting your walls and choosing color combinations. Warm tones such as Manchester Tan will work well in an organically themed home (those complemented by earth tones in furniture and window fashioning). Muted tones such as Silver Chain complement current sophisticated subtle-metallic trends in upholstery.

Native Instincts


Cultural compatibility is an emerging and welcome theme in interior design. In the past, when embracing a cultural theme (be it First Nations, South American, or Polynesian, as examples) you may have felt “compelled” to stick to one when selecting patterns and decor. This is no longer the case. A decorative Maori mask can coexist with a Mayan rug and African carving in the same room. Native Instincts, as a color theme, encourages it all. A grayed-down Wild Orchid and Moroccan Red allow your culturally diverse design to blend exquisitely within your room.



This color trend is as delightful as it sounds, combining dramatic floral hues. You can incorporate Florabundant in your space with floral decorating (of course), in fabric patterns, and on the walls with tones that mimic the likes of Pink Yarrow, Chrysanthemum, and Red Dahlia, complemented naturally with shades of green. Florabundant works well in the spring and summer months or in homes located in year-round warm climates.

Acquired Taste


Break the traditional rules of color with this whimsical theme. All that matters with Acquired Taste is that it suits your tastes. You are encouraged to blend colors and textures not commonly paired together while unlocking combinations that work. When it comes to paint colors, consider tones such as Peach Sorbet and Mulberry.

Forest Bathing


Shinrin Yoku (aka “forest bathing”) is the ancient Japanese practice of leisurely wandering along a forest path in the act of contemplation. Studies have shown that Shinrin Yoku produces positive and calming neuro-psychological effects. Simply put, your mood is elevated during and after this exposure to nature. Forest Bathing as a color trend seeks to create this same feeling in your home. Vibrant greens like the refreshing Chic Lime are used, along with contrasting tones such as Summer Plum.



Nostalgia is the key in this color scheme. Colors that incite visions from the days of old are apparent in Reminiscence. This includes shades such as Maritime Blue (great for fans of nautical themes) and Sepia Tan (both pictured above) and Martini Olive, all of which provide a sense of timelessness and stability in the home.

Raw Materials

Repurposed and Pink

Reclaimed, reused, repurposed, and reupholstered are all words heard in the modern interior design and decor world. This won’t change anytime soon. Raw Materials pays homage to the concept, borrowing from both nature and the natural health movements of today. Natural tones dominate the spectrum, but are contrasted with popping colors such as Zephyr Pink.

Graphic Imprints


Graphic Imprints injects fun into the color spectrum, beginning on one end with a seemingly tame base of black and white only to draw upon a vibrant series of impactful colors with names you can’t forget. Look for Viking Yellow, Hot Lips (picture above) and Orange Crush (or Popsicle) to dominate textile patterns and painted walls in your space.

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