4 Trends in Window Coverings 2016

4 Trends in Window Coverings 2016

Earlier in the year we shared an article on window fashion tips for your home. While the tips themselves still apply the trends in window coverings continue to change. With 2016 arriving soon you may be wondering what’s in store in the world of window fashions and thus, as a service to you, we are delivering the top trends to look for.

Four Big Trends in Window Treatments & Fashioning for 2016

1. Full and Filling

Thankfully, 2015 saw the demise of the minimalist trend in window treatments. This bare bones look served no one, and instead created a barren atmosphere in the home. This year (and beyond) you are encouraged to add fullness to your window coverings. Drapes are making a strong comeback. Drapes, unlike their lighter weight counterpart curtains, are a fuller, are usually lined, and employ floor-length fabric. Well made drapes add a feel of extravagance to your room. Not to mention that lined drapes actually insulate against cold or the sun.

If you prefer curtains, then choose a thick cotton fabric to accomplish the same lavish look. Add a layer of white lace sheer curtains underneath to complete the theme and as a means to diffuse the natural light entering your room.

2. Big. Bold. Colourful

Colour was also lost to the minimalistic window treatment trend. If you live in a climate with less sunshine or plenty of rain, then you know the toll that this can take on the psychology of all within your home. 2016 sees a strong return to bright and beautiful colors on your windows. Earlier in the year the Pantone Color Institute declared the emergence of color in for 2016:

“As media continues to move toward more evocative, imaginative and innovative uses of color to woo consumers, unexpected color stories are emerging (Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone Color Institute)

While ocean-blues and greens and primary colors are noted among the most popular, you’re encouraged to experiment with bright contrasting colors to make a strong statement in your home.

You no longer have to be cautious when it comes to expressing yourself with window treatments. Vivid patterns are splashing the fabrics of curtains and brightening up the textile scene. Striped, geometric, floral, and abstract patterns are fair game so feel free to take your pick or have a design custom made from a digital rendition.

3. Natural Organic Materials and Tones

Plantation shutters and motorized blinds are in high demand, and not only serve the aesthetics of your room, they help manage natural light which reduces energy consumption. Synthetics used on shutters and blinds are being replaced with natural woods such as bamboo and other sustainable wood products. Expect this trend in natural organic tones and materials to extend well beyond 2016 as environmental sustainability grows as a priority in your home. 

4. Bottom Up (Top Down) Blinds

This trend provides the ultimate solution when you’re looking for privacy without sacrificing natural light. Bottom-up roller blinds (also known as reverse blinds or top down) are installed at the base of your windows, and roll up. If you live on a ground level, or in a condo in a highly densified region you will appreciate this trend. In the day, you can lounge about and move freely within your home without concern of outside eyes, while natural light fills your room from above. At night, you need not keep interior lights dim, nor do you have to rob yourself of the stars, moon, or cityscape night lights. Bottom up blinds allow you the best of both worlds.

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