5 Dramatic Bathroom Design Ideas and Inspirations

5 Dramatic Bathroom Design Ideas and Inspirations

Our interior design centre insists that bathrooms should be designed beyond function. As one of the most personal spaces in your home, it should be afforded a touch that incites positive feelings, rejuvenation, and even productivity. With studies showing that most of our creative ideas come while we’re in the shower, you may as well commit to spending a little extra time in the zone.

Today, we hope to expand your horizons with a look at a few whimsical and inspirational bathroom design ideas that will encourage you to take longer showers, baths, and pamper yourself until your heart, and mind, are content.

Five Fun and Impactful Interior Design Concepts to Apply to Your Bathroom

1. Cast a Stone on the Walls, Floors, and More


Bringing the great outdoors into your home is a trend that is expected to become the norm. A big part of this is found in incorporating natural elements into your space. These natural elements include the use of wood and stone. The latter in particular has a very dramatic impact when used in wall and floor finishing. There is no better room to take advantage of the impactful look and feel of stone than in the bathroom. It will create a scene that feels as if it’s been ripped right out of a national park. Stone that works well in bathroom floor finishing includes slate or sandstone, while sandstone is also superior as a stand-up shower surface. If you have a lot of square footage in your bathroom you may use engineered stone veneer for your walls. Veneers are a more viable option for minimizing cost and installation effort.

If you really want to bring out the impact of stone in your bathroom you can also install a slab-style countertop and sink, using a grey granite for a more natural look.

2. Embrace the Light with a Skylight


Natural lighting is often ignored in the bathroom. However, if you really want to get in tune with your circadian rhythm and take advantage of its psychological benefits then consider installing a skylight. A skylight in the bathroom brings the drama from above, negating dependency on artificial light during the day. Not only will it have a tremendous aesthetic impact, it will help you cut down on your utility lighting bill. Another quirky yet honest benefit of bringing more natural light into the place where you put on your face, is that it provides you with a true accounting of what you will look like to the public when out and about. Be at your best by embracing the light from above.

3. Monochromatic Black Out


Going with a monochromatic color in a space is a bold choice, especially when that color is black. But in a bathroom, when combined with charcoal and other dark grays, it works. The contemporary look instantly provides a luxurious yet modernistic spa feel. For the floor and walls (shower tiles included), most honed natural stone tiles such as granite and marble look (and function) amazing in black. Black painted stucco or color treated wood wall finishing looks good too. Your countertops should also follow suit but for added impact install black vessel sinks with faucets and accessories done in a matte black finish to complete the look. Dive in deep and further commit to this theme with a basalt bathtub. The end result is pure opulence.

4. Waterfall Effect


How your water flows will dictate the flow of your bathroom design. Waterfall sink faucets add a contemporary yet natural feel to your lavatory. For a more dramatic effect that turns your stand-up shower into an exotic escape, install a waterfall shower head with a rain shower setting. Your daily ritual will be reminiscent of a retreat to the Wailua Falls of Kauai or other tropical destination where cleansing waters cascade from above.

5. Take it Outside

Outdoor Bathroom Design

Take natural light to another level. Where viable (privacy will dictate accordingly) swing for the outside fences by knocking out a wall and open up your bathroom scene to the great outdoors. This is already being done in homes in warm climates however you don’t need a high year-round Fahrenheit/Celsius reading to make it reasonable. In cooler climates you can install a tempered glass wall with a sliding door to provide a solarium-esque enclosure when needed. Another option is to install your shower/bath on the outside of the tempered glass enclosure and keep the countertop sink installation within. You will also want to section off your toilet facilities with a barrier, unless you’re very daring.

An outdoor bathroom is the definition of dramatic, but the positive impact that it can have on your psyche and mood will be second to none. The natural light and oxygen when accented by lush flora will rejuvenate your senses unlike any other home interior renovation.

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