5 Interior Design & Decorating Tips for Creating a Nautical Theme

5 Interior Design & Decorating Tips for Creating a Nautical Theme

Interior Design Nautical Theme Living Room

As an interior design centre serving the coastal Greater Vancouver area we are no strangers to the nautical theme. Even homes within inland communities seek to pay their respects to one of the most timeless design and decorating concepts around. However, a nautical motif isn’t exactly the easiest one to accomplish. It walks a fine line that can border on kitsch if not executed with care. In order to help you actualize your vision of sunsets, sailboats, saltwater and a soothing sea breeze we have provided some appealing and practical ways to integrate a nautical style in your home while keeping class intact.   

How to Create a Nautical Theme in Your Home

1. Paint Your Walls in Navy Blue and White Tones

interior design for nautical theme

One of the first things that come to mind when envisioning a nautically inspired room is the pairing of a contrasting navy blue and white. If you’re starting off with all four walls in a room painted in a “pure” white, such as Benjamin Moore’s Simply White OC-117, you can paint the two bookend walls in a navy tone, with Midnight Navy 2067-10 or Old Navy 2063-10 contrasting perfectly. Another impactful option is to paint all walls navy blue, but accent the trim with bold white lines. Simply White works, as does Frostline (AF-5) which is very popular for trim and ceilings.

If bright contrasts aren’t your thing, you can still adopt a nautical theme with a maritime museum feel in mind, opting to finish your walls in wood veneers to mimic the vintage wooden boat scene that is seeing resurgence in popularity.

2. Position Bold Nautical Statement Pieces in Your Room  

Make a bold statement in your room by displaying large pieces that convey a sense of nautical nostalgia. This concept crosses over with ones found in our recent article on interior design tips for travelers. In that article we used the example of placing a tripod nautical searchlight lamp (pictured above) to convey a sense of wanderlust in your room. This large decorative item serves its purpose here as well. Other impactful items in a saltwater vein include copper/brass vintage (or replica) diver helmets, large antique anchors, cruise ship steamer trunks, and even benches or tables salvaged from boats and repurposed as living room furnishings. (Let us help you find what you need; contact us at 604.790.6030).

3. Place Bold Nautical Accent Pieces on Your Shelves & End Tables

Interior Design Nautical Accents
One of the most enjoyable parts of creating this fun theme in your home is curating the smaller pieces to display on your shelves and end tables. If you reside within a coastal or lakeside community there will be antique shops and flea markets with a bounty of nautical treasures, items that can be repurposed as decorative pieces in your room/s. Glass sea floats, large knotted sailing rope, fishing boat pulley hooks (pictured above), scale sailboat models, and a seaman’s compass are great examples of items that will look perfect on display. Remember, the more saltwater rust and layer of patina there is the better!

4. Install a Porthole Window in Your Room 

Interior Design Nautical Theme
Create an atmosphere akin to the cozy quarters of a ship while allowing natural light to enter your room with a porthole window. A porthole window in your space commits to the nautical theme with dramatic flare. Contact us for help with retrofitting a porthole / skylight into your home.

5. Integrate Nautically-Themed Window Fashions, Throw Pillows, Rugs & Linens in Your Room

interior design tips for nautical theme via window fashions
The final stamp of authenticity for your marine theme involves the integration of throw pillows, floor runners or area rugs, linens (where applicable), and window fashions with patterns common to this theme. These can include obvious items such as anchor designs embroidered on pillows to more a subtle integration of navy blue and white tones on curtains and blinds. These additions add a soft touch that complements the concept while maintaining the sophistication of your home.

Jacques Cousteau once said “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever“. If you can relate and you reside within the Greater Vancouver area contact us to set sail on this exciting interior design concept.

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