5 Interior Design Tips to Warm Your Home in Winter

5 Interior Design Tips to Warm Your Home in Winter

5 Interior Design Tips to Warm Your Home in Winter
The autumn and winter seasons are delightful for the fashion conscious. You bundle up and layer your your wardrobe from top to bottom in the latest trends while keeping warm and cozy. However, when you return home, that comfort can dissipate, with your interior design giving you the cold shoulder. 

If your home feels like an ice palace in the late autumn and early winter, even with the thermostat reading above room temperature– interior design styles can turn this all around. A fireplace installation is a great start, but what else can you do? Let’s find out.

Interior Design Concepts That Will Make Your Home Feel Warm and Cozy

1. Integrate Warm Colors

Warm hues go a long way in creating a sense of comfort. They can be added through paint, upholstery, slipcovering, furnishings and decorative pieces. Brown in particular creates a natural, earthborn sense of security and stability and welcomes all who enter your home. Brown can be combined well with tertiary colors such as orange, russet, slate gray and even purple to create a feeling of warmth. Brown also works well with the quaternary colors of amber, plum, pumpkin, sage, and buff (brownish-yellow) in addition to quinary tones of blue gray or khaki. 

2. Manipulate Natural and Artificial Lighting

Window fashions will help you manipulate the natural light entering your home. They also allow you to block the cold winter scene outside when the leaves have left trees barren, clawing at your home exterior. Thick drapes and curtains dipped in dark rich hues will detract from the outer chill, but if you prefer, plantation shutters will better manage the light. Motorized blinds are the optimal solution for manipulating this natural light, and can be set to open and close during preferred times of the day so that your room is exposed to the natural scenery outside. With minimal daylight hours in the late autumn and early winter artificial lighting will also impact your ability to create warmth. Soft light LED lamps and recessed lighting installations can be set to any warm tone that you prefer.

3. Place Pillows and Heavy Knitted Throws Around the Room

The use of heavy knits to accent your home are included in the top five trends in interior design for this winter. They also add literal and figurative warmth to any room. Drape your sofa with a thick cable-knitted throw, and find (or cover existing) pillows in the same vein. Placing a folded knitted blanket on an ottoman also gives off a sense of coziness, knowing that you can grab ahold and bundle-up should the moment call for it. Slate gray, beige, and off-white knits will work well in any room to create a cozy feel during winter.

4. Work Wood Into the Scene

The use of natural and engineered hardwood complements the use of color to create warmth. Placement of rich-toned wood shelving and tables (dining, end, and console) will have a significant impact. However, if you’re really looking to make a difference, floor finishing is key. If you prefer a more enduring option to hardwood floors, advancements in ceramic faux wood can provide durability and the same warming feel. A more budget conscious but no less impactful option is faux wood luxury vinyl. Both are trending in the world of floor finishing at the moment. Also consider your walls and room trim. Having either finished in a wood veneer will make your room feel like one big cozy hearth. Learn more about what wall and floor finishing can accomplish in your home here.

5. Arrange Furniture for Flow

Avoid placing your furniture in an angular and formal format. Rectangular, square and l-shaped configurations feel uninviting and cold. Resist the urge to push your sofa and/or chairs up against your walls as this creates a “waiting room” scene. Instead, invite guests in by creating flowing lines with your furniture. Think circular and hexagonal when designing your furniture layout. Choose a focal point in a room, and draw pieces toward it. Large rooms, which are among the most challenging when creating a cozy feel, will benefit from more than one seating area. You can create a bistro scene in a corner, with a small table and two chairs near a window, perfect for reading or enjoying a glass of wine by a soft lamp or candlelight. Flow is essential to designing a warm and cozy home.

If a welcoming warm feeling in your home is an important design goal this winter, why not let us help you with the integration, installation, and overall design. If you live in the Greater Vancouver area give us a call at 604-986-2080 anytime or fill out the form found here.

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