5 Refreshing Bedroom Design and Decorating Ideas for the Summer

5 Refreshing Bedroom Design and Decorating Ideas for the Summer


We just released this season’s design trends for the home. Today we’re following up by focusing on one of the most important rooms of your home, your bedroom. With the long days of summer ahead, your mornings will be brighter earlier and your evenings lasting longer. There is no better time of the year to enjoy the naturally lit scene. Feel free to leave your bedroom door open this season, and allow guests a passing peek into your chamber by following one or more of the ideas and inspirations below.

Bedroom Design and Decorating Tips and Inspirations for the Summer Season

1. Flowy Curtains

Nothing sets a summertime bedroom scene quite as well as wonderfully flowing window fashions. White sheer fabric curtains best set the tone, inviting in natural light, ventilation, and a summer breeze that will cut through oh-so softly. By no means must you stick to plain white sheer curtains, as you can create the same airy effect with colorful tones or white with subtle color patterns. You can choose a sheer fabric that borrows from one of the current color trends or venture off on your own and find a color that you enjoy. It is summer after all, do as you please!

2. Light Bed Canopy

Match the effect of your flowy curtains by installing a sheer fabric bed canopy for the summer. A canopy exquisitely complements your window fashions and completes the look. The hotter weather also invites you to sleep with lighter linens, which often get tossed to the side on especially warm nights. A bedroom canopy allows you to do so while providing a subtle yet effective form of privacy, whether you keep your second-story windows open or bedroom door ajar.

3. Fanciful Ceiling Fan

Introduce a new ceiling fan into your bedroom. Not only is it functionally sound during warm summer days and nights, it can be one of the most impactful ways to enhance the look of your space. There are some amazing designs available in ceiling fans. Popular options for the summer include fan blades that mimic banana leaves, palm fronds, or other tropically inspired designs. Don’t want to commit to this look for the entire year? Fret not. You can buy themed blade covers online or at your local ceiling fan retailer. Covers are a great way to test out a look in the summer without committing to a permanent four-season fixture.

4. Freshly Upholstered Bedroom Seating

Your updated summertime bedroom design should be an inviting one. Adding seating to your setting will accomplish this. Upholstering this seating with bright and colorful designs will encourage you to spend more time in your personal place, taking a break from the responsibilities that live on the other side of the bedroom door. Whether you add a bench to the foot of your bed or a chair by a bay window or corner view you will want to use colors and patterns that appeal to you, while complementing the look of the existing space. Florals, a part of the current upholstery design trends for the summer of 2016, will work especially well in your bedroom. Once you’ve updated your bedroom upholstery you can have some fun by adding decorative throw pillows. Throw pillows with nautical, tropical, or floral prints are popular at this time of the year. However, if your new upholstery is intricately patterned you will be better off with solid tone pillows that match one of the primary pattern colors.

5. Whimsically Painted Ceiling 

There is only one room in the house where you spend most of your time laying down and staring at the ceiling. Why not make the most of it? The summer is the perfect time of the year to get playful with ceiling color. A selection from Benjamin Moore’s color trends for 2016 work perfectly here. Morning Sky Blue mirrors the muted clear blue skies of a summer morning. You may instead wish to pay homage to everyone’s favorite summertime beverage with Lemonade or opt for the sunny, tropical, and delightful Banana Yellow. Incorporate one of those colors on to your ceiling and you’ll have no choice but to spend a few extra hours laying about your bedroom space. It’s the season of leisure after all, and you’ve earned it!

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