5 Window Fashion Tips for Your Home

5 Window Fashion Tips for Your Home

Window Fashions

Window fashion has grown from being a component within an interior design project to becoming a much sought after singular request from homeowners looking to update and beautify their homes. Windows are a gateway to the world for those standing within your home, and an introduction to your world, for guests.

Window treatments help manage natural light, impact sound and temperature, accent surrounding decor, and add a personal touch that reflects your personality. Below are a few things to consider when deciding upon window fashion concepts and ideas.

Five Things to Consider Before Deciding Upon Window Fashions for Your Home

1. Manipulating Natural Light

A major part of interior design relates to how one chooses to manage the natural light entering the home. There are so many variables to consider. Since this light has a varying schedule based upon the sun’s position during transitioning seasons and other weather patterns, you should consider window treatments that provide the “ability” to transfer light. One must also consider the artificial lighting within the home, from both standing lamps, recessed lighting, chandeliers, and so forth. Natural light is a key way to bring the outdoors in and breathe life into your décor. Motorized blinds are a very effective solution to help manage natural light as it changes throughout the day and the year.

2. Controlling Noise Pollution

Noise from the outside world, no matter where you live, can be controlled with wise window fashioning. Noise pollution, like natural light, will vary by the time of the day and by the position of each room in your home’s floor plan. For example, noise from high traffic streets can be dampened by installing thicker drapes or shutters, that when closed, can reduce noise pollution. On the flip side of the coin, interior noise can be controlled as well. If you have a media room, home theater, or in-house studio and take great pride on the acoustics of the system, then drapes made with heavy fabric, or strong shutters will help keep sounds that you want to hear, within.

3. Privacy Required in Each Room

Those of you living in condominiums and in highly densified areas know that privacy can be an issue. If your bedroom or bathroom (or any room for that matter) is facing that of your neighbors or some public passage standard drapes or blinds may not cut it. Consider the “outside looking in” perspective when deciding upon your window fashions, choose the right drapes, blinds, or shutters, and have each room designed accordingly.

4. Manipulating Temperature

Climate is another major consideration for window design. Some rooms will be warmer or colder depending upon the layout of your home in relation to the sunrise/sunset, prevailing winds, etc. . While heating and air conditioning system can manage varying temperature needs, why not cut annual energy costs by controlling the temperature in your home using select window fashion management? Your window fashion retailer can help you select the appropriate materials for drapery, shutters, and blinds—which can have a big impact on room temperature.

5. Complementing Your Existing Interior Design

Thus far we have considered the functional aspects of window fashions. But let’s not leave out the all-important visual appeal. Custom drapery can convey an unparalleled level of elegant sophistication or fun-loving whimsey depending upon the tone and feel you want to communicate for the space. Shutters made from the right woods can transport your senses from the country to the tropical and from the Mediterranean to the Middle East, depending on your tastes. The design and decorating possibilities are endless when it comes to using window fashions to add to the beauty of your home.

So, whether your primary goal is to create a décor with impact or manage natural light, you have plenty of appealing options. One doesn’t have to be sacrificed for the other. If you live in the Greater Vancouver area and would like to receive a free consultation regarding window fashions for your home we encourage you to contact our North Vancouver interior design centre.

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