6 Interior Design Ideas for Corners

6 Interior Design Ideas for Corners

One of the most neglected zones in your home are its corners. They serve their duty in keeping your foundation intact but are overlooked for their potential in creating a functional and attractive space. Whether tall to the ceiling or tucked into an alcove it’s time to give these crooks their due.

“And there she was, still not moving, staring at the walls with an unnatural devotion.” (Shaine Lake, The Corner)

6 Creative Tips to Enhancing the Function and Design of the Corners in Your Home

1. Room to Grow

Corner spaces near natural lighting make perfect places for plants with potential to grow to great heights. Climbing-plants in a high-ceilinged room in particular make a strong impression. The Climbing Philodendron (aka Philodendron scandent) requires indirect sunlight and has aerial roots that attach well to supports such as a planting stake or indoor trellis. Indoor trees are another alternative for incorporating flora into your corners. The Weeping Fig (aka Ficus Benjamin) is one of the most common indoor species and can grow up to 10 feet. Another option is to install hanging baskets to grow hanging vines from the top of your corners down towards the floor. Pathos, or devil’s ivy (aka Scindapsus aureus), grows well in this scenario.

2. Window Installation

If you want a dramatic impact for particularly dark corner space consider a kitty-corner window installation. While it may take more effort and require the touch of an installation specialist the addition of natural light and panoramic view will revolutionize the function and feel of the room. For an even more sensational take on this concept you may opt for a wraparound window installation which will turn a corner into a wide open space. The addition of professional window fashioning will further enhance the setting.

3. Fireplace Installation

Interior Design Ideas for Corner Spaces

Have you always wanted a fireplace but your home was built without one? The corner of your living room is a great place for a creative fireplace installation. A direct-vent gas fireplace is quite viable and accomplished by running the intake/exhaust vent directly through the exterior wall.

4. Corner Shelving


Corner shelving units (standing or installed) will optimize your space for aesthetics and storage alike. Shelving can be left relatively bare, with a few decorative accents placed within, or can be filled with pride to display your personal library or items curated from worldly travels. Alternatively, it can be relegated as an entertainment centre, with your TV installed into the corner and shelving used to hold accompanying electronics, opening up the remaining space of your living room.

5. Statement Making Art Display Space

Turn your corners into gallery-esque spaces, showcasing dramatic art pieces and installations. Sculptures look especially grand when standing in corners, but you can get even more creative by having eclectic works installed into the corners themselves, or hanging from above. Murals can be painted into corners, using the wall as the canvas. Custom corner-bending picture frames serve as a creative way to display your favorite photos. There is no limit to the artistic license that can be taken within the recesses of your home. Perfect the scene by installing recessed lighting in the ceiling of each respective corner, bringing out the best of the display below.

“I see drawings and pictures in the poorest of huts and the dirtiest of corners” (Vincent Van Gogh)

6. Create a Reading Corner

Interior-Design-Ideas-for-Corners-Reading-Area (1)

Take advantage of a barren corner and create a “reading” setting in your favorite room. Consider custom seating that inspires you most. Whether wicker, wooden, or upholstered, the chair you choose is essential to your happiness. An accompanying corner table will allow you a place for a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of wine and an ottoman will let you kick your slippers up and slip into bliss. The right attention to detail may make the cozy corner your favorite place in the home.

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