6 Interior Design Tips and Ideas for Entrance Hallways

6 Interior Design Tips and Ideas for Entrance Hallways

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The common belief is that it a first impression is formed within seven seconds of meeting someone. A more intensive study from the University of Princeton closed the gap on that brief window, down to one-tenth of a second. Whichever the case may be, first impressions matter. When it comes to your home, that introduction is made in your entry hallway. This first impression of interior design will set the tone of your abode not just for your guests, but for yourself as well. Today we’re offering a few tips to improving the look and feel of your corridor.

6 Ways to Enhance the Interior Design of the Entrance Hallway of Your Home

1. Closed Storage for Coats and Shoes

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Practical use may essential to the design of your entrance, but that doesn’t mean coats, shoes and umbrellas should be strewn about. Your hallway may be designed and decorated exquisitely, but as soon as the first guest arrives and their appendages are stored out in the open it adds clutter to the scene. Your coat rack is hidden by a mountain of cotton and polyester while your shoe rack becomes a pile of stiletto heels and leather loafers. These items become the focal point of your entryway. Instead, use closed storage for household and guest outdoor wear. If feasible, install a small hall closet. If not viable, a tall narrow wardrobe closet with cabinet doors will make a great functional addition. Tuck an umbrella holder (lanky enough to hide the the site of dripping parasols) beside the closet.

2. Manage Space Perception and Get Reflective with Mirrors

Hanging a large mirror will open up your hallway, manipulating the illusion of space. If your hall is short, a wide angle mirror will elongate the scene. If your hall is long and barren, installing a series of skyscraper-styled mirrors along the corridor will open up the setting. Guests also appreciate the addition of a mirror to your entrance hallway as it allows them to “fix themselves up” upon arrival and departure.

3. Introduce Your Personality by Adding Art

Artwork in the home is an expression of yourself. Let guests know who you are by proudly displaying this expression in your entrance. A large statement piece will catch their attention and generate conversation from the moment they step in. Allow additional pieces (paintings, photographs, shadow box displays, etc.) to lead them down the hall and into your living room. Consider works of art curated from your travels, which will tell a tale about you and what you find beautiful.

4. Create a Scene to be Seen in a Favorable Light

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Lighting is essential to a successfully designed entryway. If your hallway allows access to natural light, embrace it and open up the scene during the day. Consider installing a skylight above to capitalize on the benefits of natural light. Studies have shown a dramatic and positive influence of natural light upon human physiology and psychology. It makes sense to take advantage of this at the entryway of your home. However, at night, or in hallways without access to natural light, you will want to downplay artificial light. Installing recessed lighting or subtle light fixtures will allow you to create a calming scene while manipulating light to focus on attractive accents (art, hall furnishings, etc.) and draw attention away from less attractive zones.

5. Set the Tone with a Console Table

A console table creates another attractive focal point and allows you the opportunity to display charming ornaments. Functionally, it can work to store your keys and any other small item that you need within quick reach before departing your home, but remember to keep these wares covered in the table’s drawer or in a decorative bowl. Don’t be afraid to be fanciful and/or creative with this furnishing. Have a custom piece made from reclaimed wood, go transparent with lucite, or even consider upholstering an old console table to give it new life. A console table will also allow you the space to greet guests with floral arrangements.

6. Create a Welcoming Scene with Fresh Floral Decor

Whether you’re coming home from a long day at the office or inviting friends or family over for leisure fresh flora will be a welcoming sight for the senses. These organic additions add a healthy dose of oxygen and natural color to the space. Consider these top trends in floral decorating to optimize this element in the design of your entry hallway.

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