6 Interior Design Tips and Ideas for Travelers

6 Interior Design Tips and Ideas for Travelers

Interior Design Tips for Travelers

There’s a big difference between a vacationer and a traveler. For the former, trips often consist of all-inclusive packages and two-week cruises that occur once, maybe twice per year. For the latter, the hyphenates “all-inclusive” and “two-week” feel more like “handcuffs”. It is you, the one bitten by the wanderlust bug that we are speaking to today. We understand your conundrum. You feel so at peace when traipsing about the globe that when you return to your permanent address you don’t feel quite at home. This need not be the case any longer. By incorporating the following interior design and decorating ideas into your home you will finally find your comfort zone, no passport required.

6 Interior Design & Decorating Concepts for Travelers

1. Map the World on Your Walls

Interior Design Tips for Travelers
Placing a world map mural on your wall sets the tone, allowing you to keep an eye on your favorite playground (the world) while telling guests what you’re all about. Large-framed antique map replicas, for instance, will add a touch of old world charm to your home. However, if you are a traveler with a penchant for contemporary design you may consider a wall mural decal depicting the seven continents (pictured above). These can be ordered online and applied with relative ease. If the entire world is not your oyster, you can find wall-hangers representing practically any continent, country, and archipelago. For example, let’s say that your household has a special connection to Hawaii. You could mount the world’s most recognizable island chain on your wall (view example here). Mapping the world on the walls of your home will provide you with the visualization therapy that you need when your are not able to hop the next plane, train, or automobile out of town.

2. Fly Away with a Ceiling Fan that Makes a Statement

Interior Design Tips for Travelers
Make a bold statement in your living room by installing a large ceiling fan that whisks you away to your favorite destination. Fan blades in the shape of exotic flora such as banana plant leaves and palm fronds will transport your senses to the tropics. Looking for something more global? Ceiling fans designed as vintage airplane propellers will express your passion for airborne globetrotting to guests.

3. Steamer Trunks for More than Storage

Interior Design Tips for Travelers

Antique steamer trunks incite images of month-long travel overseas and on rail. Visit antique stores in your locale and keep an eye out for estate sales which can unearth such treasures. If necessary, have it restored (while keeping its patina in tact) and use it as an end table or room centerpiece, placing complementary accents (see item #5 below) on it for added effect. Camelback steamer trunks, with their concave lids, work great as a standalone decorative piece. If you are looking for a hybrid of vintage and contemporary design there are home furnishing retailers that have created their own custom takes on this concept (pictured above).

4. Got Wood?

Interior Design Tips for Travelers

There is something about interior design complemented by rich-toned and textured woods that convey a sense of travel. Woods endemic to particular regions are often used in the interior architecture and design of local resorts and homes alike. It helps define a destination. It can be incorporated into the decor through countertop installations and professional wall and floor finishing. For added impact, install thick plantation shutters on your windows, selecting ones crafted from mahogany or other similar timber. You’ll feel as if you’re tucked away in some exotic locale every time you wake within your wood-finished home.

5. Add Accents that Incite Wanderlust

Interior Decorating Ideas for Travelers

Placing items that people associate with travel on the tables, mantles, and shelves of your home will speak volumes about your passion. Globes are an obvious choice, but there are others that you may not have thought of. A decorative standing-telescope would look great in your study, pointing towards the window as if to eye your next destination. A large tripod nautical searchlight lamp makes for an amazing corner-piece in the same vein. Smaller items such as an antique sundial compass or vintage binoculars placed on an end table adds a curious touch and encourages your guests to inspect and inquire further. Another idea and great conversation piece for your wall could be an ocean-liner porthole repurposed as a mirror. The possibilities are endless, especially when you have the imaginative mind of a traveler.

6. Curate a Key Piece from Each Destination


Acquire an item from each stop along your important travels, keeping in mind that it will become a decorative accent within your home. Avoid tourist-trap markets where everything comes with a Made in China stamp and instead seek out markets where local artisans and crafts-persons put their authentic ethnic work on display. Select pieces that will draw upon positive memories and put a smile on your face. Guests will wander into your home in awe as they admire the wares curated from your travels, each piece accompanied by story of how and where you acquired it. Home design and decor should incite conversation and nowhere is this more true than within the abode of a traveler.

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