6 Interior Design Tips for Large Spaces

6 Interior Design Tips for Large Spaces

Interior Design Tips For Large Spaces3

As an interior design centre serving the Lower Mainland, including the North and West Vancouver area, we often are treated to the task of designing and decorating large rooms within expansive homes. While homeowners are certainly proud of their space, many admit that a gain in square footage can often come at the expense of comfort. At the end of the day, one of the most important requirements handed down from our clients is that their home should simply feel like…home. No honest interior design firm can dispute that mandate. In this week’s Old World Interiors blog we thought we would provide you with some helpful advice on how to take a large space in your home, and make it not only aesthetically agreeable, but cozy and comfortable as well.

Six Tips to Making a Large Room in Your Home Feel More Comfortable

1 Take a Stand with Tall Plants

Large potted plants can turn the most solitary nook into a welcoming beacon. With lush leaves sprouting out from an exquisite vase, feathering up the corner of a wall or window sill, dead space quickly comes to life. Bookending the two outward facing corners of a room, or the edges of a window expanse within, with matching plants will further serve to tighten up wide spaces, bringing the room pleasantly together.

2 Use Color to Close Spaces while Keeping Things Cozy

Color is one of the most important elements used to manipulate the feel of large rooms. A spacious setting will appear even more barren when one single white tone has painted the surroundings. You may consider a singular warm tone on the walls and ceiling so that it flows with the furnishing and accents within the room, or take two tones with a more contrasting effect, to better define the space, enclosing areas that may otherwise seem to go on infinitely. Another fun option with color that has a dramatic impact on the room involves painting your ceiling. This serves to draw down a high ceiling that would otherwise steal a more intimate feel that a room deserves to have. We invite you to learn more on this topic by reading our recent article on how to use color to alter the feeling of the rooms in your home.

3 Strategically Place a Large Furnishing to Divide the Room

Especially large rooms will benefit from partitioning. However, there is no need to run out and buy literal dividers when beautiful (and functional) furnishings can do the job just fine. A thoughtfully placed sectional sofa can help accomplish this task with relative ease. Other items such as a well-placed daybed, or a standard sofa backed by a console table of equal length, will also serve the purpose of telling guests that the room is divided accordingly.

4 Create a Bistro-esque Section within the Room

Another playful way to help divide a very large room is found by creating a bistro corner of sorts. Find an empty area within the room that will be perfectly complemented by a bistro table and two chairs, giving way to a delightful afternoon conversation over tea or a good book over espresso. Pick a corner or other space where light accommodates the scene for greater effect in composing the room for comfort.   

5 Manage the Lighting with Custom Motorized Blinds

Being able to easily manipulate the natural light entering the room will also have a significant impact upon the feeling of space. The right custom blinds will allow you to alter the appearance of the room as the sun changes position throughout the day. If you install motorized blinds, you can have the timer programmed to adjust for this natural light positioning from season to season so that the effort is seamless on your end. View more information on custom motorized blinds.

6 Strategically Place Custom Framed Portraits and Paintings on the Walls

Walls without adornment create a feeling of wide-open space. When your goal is to minimize this sentiment (as per this article) you will want to use well-placed and well-framed paintings and portraits to make the room feel more intimate. The type of frame (natural wood, veneer, metal, etc…) and application (painting, photo, tapestry, etc…) will all dictate the success of using this tactic to design around an expansive room. View more information on picture framing for your home.

We hope that you’ve found the advice above helpful in your endeavor to create a more comfortable atmosphere for your abode, no matter how immense its rooms may be. Our commitment to you involves designing a space not only for guests to admire, but one where you truly feel…at home. If you reside in the Lower Mainland we encourage you to contact our interior design centre anytime to make this happen.

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