About Us

Old World Interiors is a boutique design and decorating center. Come in and discover your new decor today!

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Inspired by the rich history of the past, we bring the creative, artisanal, and old world craftsmanship to the interior design sector. We do it by engaging the design trade services of only those who have the passion, patience, and skill reminiscent of old world masters. “Good enough” is simply not good enough for us—or for our clients.

This level of excellence is applied to all design aspects, including upholstery, custom drapery, vinyl wall covering, painting, bespoke or custom cabinetry and millwork. We can care for the entire design process, including purchasing services and engagement of the design trades. After all, we want you to enjoy the ultimate luxury—time. Time for what you really want to do with such a precious asset.

Why Choose Old World Interiors!


1We’ll Get It Right For You. That’s Just What We Do!

  • Trends. We commit to keep pace and anticipate emerging design trends.
  • Expertise. We commit to develop interior design concepts that inspire.
  • Responsive. We commit to respond quickly and efficiently to your requests.
  • Communication. We commit to communicate often and in a timely manner.
  • Value. We commit to deliver value—quality materials, excellent service and competitive pricing.

How We Work

2We Will Create a Décor YOU’LL Love To Come Home To. This is our single focus.

To achieve that goal for your project we apply these four working principles:

  • Design Philosophy 1:
    Your Vision. Your Persona.
  • Design Philosophy 2:
    Luxury On Your Terms.
  • Design Philosophy 3: The Past Informs the Future
  • Design Philosophy 4:
    Quality and Value First.

Your Team

3We All Want to Work with People that We Like and Trust. All of us at Old World Interiors love our work. We’re people-people. And we know that gaining and keeping your trust is the bedrock of our personal and business reputations.

We are a multi-lingual Design Centre with international experience. We believe in continuous design education (CDE), which keeps our ideas fresh and de jour.

Come in and meet us!

Our Process

4We Understand the Importance of Staying Grounded in the inherent budget realities and building code limitations. We balance design enthusiasm with the bottom line. Therefore, our processes ensure predictability—and value. To achieve this delicate balance, we execute project management and budget control strategies so that there are no surprises! Larger projects are developed using Computer Aided Design Drafting (CADD), which enables us to provide you with detailed plans, timelines, and budgets.

Traditional Quality. Today's Décor.