Bedroom Design Trends for 2016-17

Bedroom Design Trends for 2016-17


Your bedroom is your domain, the day-end escape from day to day responsibilities. Each room in your home should be designed for function and when it comes to your bedroom that function is serenity, whatever that may mean for you.

The interior design of your bedroom must be approached in a manner that closely customizes the design to your persona. Today we are providing insight into trends in bedroom design in the hope that it will inspire you to pamper yourself in your place of quietude and relaxation.

5 Lasting Trends to Watch for When Designing Your Bedroom

1. Using Color to Calm the Senses

Color has a major impact on mood. It can be used to stimulate productivity in an office environment, to boost creativity in a studio, and energize in a fitness centre. When it comes to the bedroom, color is often used to calm your senses. A recent study has shown that certain colors equates to longer sleeps. Blue leads the way, with the study indicating a nightly average of 7 hours and 52 minutes followed by yellow (7 hrs 40 min), and green (7 hrs 36 min) all the way down to the biggest drop-off at purple, which averaged only 5 hours and 56 minutes. It should be noted that simply blanketing your bedroom in one of these sleep-inducing colors won’t do the job. Blue (soft or dark) may indeed work well as the main theme, but brighter yellows and greens may be better left to the accent pieces in the room. Either way, incorporating soothing tones will lead the way in the year ahead as you look to surround yourself in a calming environment before laying your head to rest.

2. Elegance in Accents

Do you get a great feeling (and sleep) when tucked away in a luxury hotel room that has been draped in gold or silver? If elegance is your cup of tea you’ll adore this reemerging trend. In keeping with the current movement in metallics in upholstery and in window coverings you are free to add shimmering hints of gold and/or silver in your bedroom. You can incorporate these luxurious tones and patterns into your space as curtains, pillows, mirror frames, nightstand accents, or on your upholstered headboard. The extent you go to is up to you, of course. If you think gold and silver metallics are fabulous, then be fabulous!

3. Breakout Space in Your Bedroom

The trend in breakout spaces is used in office settings as a place to escape and brainstorm. In the bedroom, a breakout space is a defined as spot to sit, relax, reflect, and/or read by lamp (night) or natural light (day). By placing a quaint bistro table with a chair in a bedroom nook or an upholstered bench against the window you can create the space with relative ease. You’ll appreciate this personal space if you live in a full-house, when the living room isn’t an option for you and you alone time.

4. Custom Motorized Blinds/Shutters to Manipulate Natural Light 

With each passing year more and more people are returning to nature to reinvigorate and/or restore their health. They consume more natural foods and remedies. This firmly established trend also applies to one of our most important personal energy resources – natural light. The circadian rhythm and your body’s master clock was designed around natural light. Your body is supposed to gradually wake with the rising sun and rest upon its deep descent. Your dependance upon artificial light should be minimized in your bedroom in order to best maintain your master clock and optimize your sleep pattern. In fact, sleep studies at the Mayo Clinic state that if you depend upon an alarm clock (as opposed to natural light exposure) to wake then you are not sleeping right. Motorized blinds/shutters that have been customized to open and close according to the position of the sun (as it is determined by the four seasons) will accomplish this mastery of natural light.

5. Breathe Life in the Bedroom with Natural Accents

Bedroom-Design-Trends-2016 (1)

Bringing natural flora into the bedroom is another organic trend for the year/s ahead. Plants and floral arrangements not only add the recommended calming colors (see item #1), they increase oxygen flow in the place you do the most breathing. For further insight, read our recent article on the top trends in floral design for 2016.

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