Fun Upholstery Ideas for Spring and Summer

Fun Upholstery Ideas for Spring and Summer

Spring and summer are seasons that allow you to lose your interior design inhibitions. They represent a time to throw caution to the wind and break a few traditional rules. You may be accustomed to playful paint color changes and switching our accents and decor, but why not up the ante by updating your upholstery for the season?

5 Whimsical Ways to Upgrade Your Furniture Upholstery for the Spring and Summer Months

1. Floral Upholstery

Floral Upholstery on Chair for Spring

Take a cue from the top trends in floral design and apply them to your furniture upholstery. The more lavish the more fun. In fact, treat your freshly upholstered chairs as you would the very same flora and fauna they mimic. Place them near natural light (by bay windows, etc.) to draw out the colorful patterns and enhance the perception of more flowers in the room. Two floral-upholstered chairs bookending a quaint bistro table in a naturally-lit corner of your room will create a fanciful scene that just beckons you to sit and chat with a friend for hours on end.

2. Elaborate Patterns

Abstract Patterns on Upholstered Sofa

Upholstery patterns don’t need to be organic (floral designs, etc.). Abstract patterns based on artistic, cultural, and/or tonal preferences work well too. When it comes to long and/or sectional sofas feel free to let lose and upholster with contrasting patterns along the run of the sofa. This is where you can really break free from traditional rules. That being said, you can add balance to the look by placing solid-colored pillows on your abstract patterned seat or sofa, selecting the singular color based upon a dominant color on the pattern itself. The converse can also be true, by upholstering your cushions in an abstract pattern and placing them on a single-toned section of the sofa.

3. Pop Culture Print Transfers

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.54.18 AM

Find your favorite print (the higher the digital resolution the better) and have it transferred to fabric and use the fabric for your upholstery. Vintage prints work especially well. Old advertising poster themes, comic book page art, album covers, postcard collages, and anything that can be posterized can work in upholstery. You’ll love the truly customized vibe in your room and the furnishing will become an immediate conversation starter the second a guest arrives.

4. Patchwork


Take abstract to the next level. Straight-edged patchwork patterns on upholstery provide a fun look that your room will absorb. You can have fabric custom-made to include your favorite patterns or your local professional upholster can find one for you. Bright and colorful patterns for each patch will work great in the spring, as will organic earth tones. Avoid black and grey, tones that will negate the playful effectiveness of this theme. Borrow colors from the top trends in color for 2017 for inspiration.

5. Upholster the Unexpected


Spring and summertime upholstery can expand beyond your sofas and chairs. Repurpose an old console or end table while making a bold statement by upholstering it in your favorite fabric pattern. This will instantaneously transform a bygone functional piece into a modern work of art. Place the newly upholstered article in your entryway or hallway corner to set the tone for all who venture through your doors this coming season.

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