Green Interior Design Ideas for Winter

Green Interior Design Ideas for Winter

Green Interior Design Ideas for Winter

The trend towards eco-friendly home decor and design continues to gain momentum in many households with each passing year. The winter season of 2014/15 will see more than a few homes outfitted in adornments that are not only deemed green from an environmental perspective, but from a literal point as well. This is especially true for residents located along the lush forested slopes of the Lower Mainland, including North and West Vancouver, where the landscape lends way to homes complemented in a like manner. Our Pacific Northwest version of winter is not as white as our eastern counterparts. Thus, the marriage of green and winter themes makes decorating your interior responsibly and aesthetically relatively seamless endeavour (with the right guidance). Read on for tips on how you can make your winter home organically bright with green-themed design.

Four  Eco-Friendly & Green-Themed Winter Season Design Tips for Your Home

1. Accent the Home with Responsibly Harvested Pine Door-Hangers & Centerpieces

There is nothing quite like the scent and sight of fresh wintergreen (also known as evergreen) foliage and decorative boughs in your home during an especially crisp winter. Now that sustainably harvested pine and the like have become more accessible for the season you can skip the faux versions when adding decorative appendages to your household design. Imagine a rich cedar door-hanger welcoming guests into your home, guiding them from the front entrance, through the hall and into your living space where lush pine-scented centerpieces stand proud on mantles and end-tables. This concept sets the tone for a truly traditional all-natural winter theme.

2. Accent Your Decor with Naturally Scented Pine Cones

Pine cones have long served as a popular winter decorating accent. They perfectly complement winter-green-themed design ideas. Their brown tone blends exquisitely with the natural wreaths, wall-hangers, and centerpieces addressed above. While a visit to your local craft store at this time of the year will unearth cinnamon-scented mesh bags of these coniferous extracts why not source them on your own? Both North and West Vancouver offer convenient forest trails where you can gather pine cones that suit your eye. Bring your collection home and begin preparing your favorite scented oils, such as cinnamon and/or clove, and spray the cones accordingly. Seal them in a large reusable zip-lock bag and let them sit for 24hrs. Once ready, you can proceed to dot your green decor with these naturally scented pine cones, completing the picture on this portion of your winter home’s green-themed design.

3. Reuse Empty Wine Bottles for a Classy Candlelit Touch that is Eco-friendly

There is likely to be no shortage of empty wine bottles in the home as the cold winter nights keep you and yours indoors for the days between December and March. Forget the recycle bin for another month or two and instead repurpose your empty wine bottles as classy candleholders. Tie a flame-retardant green ribbon around each for added effect and melt a candle firmly at the top of each bottle. They will look amazing when lit as the flame reflection dances on the smooth curvaceous glass, yet also a stand-in as conversation piece during the daylight hours. Those guests that have brought you dinner-party offerings in the form of fine wine will also appreciate the fact that their contribution is seeing a second life post-consumption.

4. Bring in a Professional Interior Design Expert to Help Set Your Green-Theme for the Winter

Let’s face it. No matter how well you plan ahead, the winter season ends up being a busy one. You have this grand picture of what your home’s interior will look like in time to accept the guests (family, friends, and co-workers) that are soon to arrive for evening and/or weekend entertaining. Getting to that point is a whole other thing, especially when it comes to a unique concept as the one discussed here today. A little help can go a long way in the design and decorating department. At Old World Interiors, we take on event based projects that translate exquisitely towards contributing to your home’s entertaining needs this winter. As professional providers of floral decorating and table decorating services we can complete your winter-green-themed interior design strategy to perfection. Once we establish the vision for the event project in your home (or other venue), we shift focus to the technical aspects of the decorating process. We will consider all of the various factors that will impact your selection (eco-friendly mandate included) and assist you in choosing the unique combination of decorative wares that are right for your home during this time of the year.

We hope you found this article useful. If you do indeed live in the Lower Mainland and are in need of our interior design and decorating services now or in the future, we encourage you to contact Old World Interiors at your earliest convenience.

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