How to Create a Winter Wonderland in Your Home

How to Create a Winter Wonderland in Your Home

Tips to Creating a Winter Wonderland in Your Home

Some people look to trends when designing their home for the winter. Others attempt to beat the cold outside by creating a warm and cozy scene to carry them through to the spring. However, you may wish to embrace all that the season has to offer, creating a proverbial winter wonderland within. This can be a challenge, especially if you reside in the Greater Vancouver area. We’re are not as touched by Jack Frost as our eastern counterparts are. You cannot depend upon the scene outside of your window to deliver the atmosphere you’re looking for. Thus, your interior design will be instrumental in achieving a frosty ambience.

5 Interior Design & Decorating Tips to Creating a Winter Wonderland in Your Home

1. It All Starts on the Walls

Giving your interior a fresh coat of winter-inspired paint will have the most significant impact. However, it’s not as simple as buying a few buckets of white paint and going to town on your walls with a brush and roller. It is essential that you match winter-inspired colors accordingly. If you’re attempting to manage paint-matching on your own, allow experts to be your guide. For example, Benjamin Moore offers its Let it Snow theme, which encourages a base Strand of Pearls® CSP-395 with Boothbay Gray HC-165 trim. Their Winter Wonderland theme allows you to pair a Natural Cream OC-14 base and Coriander Seed AF-110 trim if you prefer a wintery cottage feel.

2. A Touch of Glass

There can be no winter wonderland without ice and the best way to achieve this look is by incorporating glass, faux-glass, and crystal into your decor. Large glass vases and similar standing statement pieces are impactful and will be well accented by smaller glass/crystal pieces on tables, shelves, and mantles. If you really want to declare your passion for this concept, bringing in a lucite table centerpiece and/or matching lucite console tables will work wonders. When natural light enters during the day the decor will illuminate your entire home. At night, well-placed artificial lighting will dance upon the glass and dazzle the eyes of all in your abode.

3. Window Fashions

No snowfall to create the magical mood that you cherish so? The scene outside of your windows need not betray your hopes this winter. Instead, your windows can serve you well from within though window fashioning. One of the top trends for interior design this winter includes the use of metallic grey/silver curtains or drapes on your windows. Following suit will perfectly complement your freshly painted walls and glass accents and furnishings.

4. Upholstery and Slipcovering

A conundrum faced when giving your home a seasonal makeover is often found with your sofas and chairs. This is especially true when it comes to a winter wonderland theme. You may not have white or light-toned seating, neither of which are the easiest fabric colors to maintain. Thankfully, upholstery and slipcovering can provide the solution for the season. Once again current interior design trends serve you well, with metallic leathers and synthetics leading the way in upholstery, a concept that matches this theme exquisitely. Having your seating upholstered in colors and fabrics complementary to this whimsical theme will allow you and guests to soak it all up from the comforts of a freshly upholstered throne. If you’re looking for something more short term, slipcovering is a solution. Heavy white or light grey cable-knit slipcovers (also trending) or a velvet fabric will do just fine in the setting the tone.

5. Winter in Full Bloom 

Table and floral decorating offers an extra special touch to conclude this concept. It allows you to inject additional splashes of winter color while at the same time influencing the sense of scent. Preferred floral arrangements for this theme include the use of white phalaenopsis orchids, white spider mums, white chrysanthemumsamaryllis, lilies, and baby’s breath. The added benefit of floral decorating, is that it allows you to refresh your winter wonderland theme when maintained throughout the entirety of the season.

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