Interior Design and Decorating Ideas and Tips for Airbnb Homes

Interior Design and Decorating Ideas and Tips for Airbnb Homes

In the summer, owners of quality properties in great locations have no trouble keeping their Airbnb full. However, when the season comes to a close, vacation rental occupancy drops. To remain competitive, property owners adjust their rates to attract a limited number of interested parties. But this isn’t necessarily the solution. Travelers, be they singles, young professionals, or family units are looking not only for a place to lay their heads, they want a memorable and unique experience. Let’s look at a few key ways to attract more people to your offering.

6 Interior Design and Decorating Tips to Increase Occupancy of Your Airbnb Property During the Off-season

1. Decorate with Your Locale in Mind


Renters are visiting your city because they want to experience it. Give them what they want, in the place where they will stay. Decorate with pieces that speak to your city, town, and surrounding area. Frame photos of key points of interest and mount them on the walls of your hallway and/or install culturally significant (to your region) works of art. It all comes down to knowing your locale. If your property is located near the ocean or major waterway (i.e. Steveston, BC) then nautical accents make sense. If located in a prime shopping district (i.e. downtown Vancouver) then items that pay homage to the fashion industry will work. Also, be sure to visit local antique, vintage, and curio shops to find remnants of your city’s past. For example, old advertising signs from shops long gone add a feeling of nostalgia that visitors will appreciate.

2. Paint with Neutral Colors that Pop


Paint your walls with neutral colors. Digital photos of your space are the biggest selling point on Airbnb and the color will be the first thing that viewers notice. You don’t want to turn anyone off with anything too dramatic. But neutral doesn’t have to mean boring either. Popular colors within Benjamin Moore’s neutral line include eye-popping options such as Sterling Silver, Alpaca, or even North Creek Brown to create a cozy yet contemporary scene.

3. Keep Seasonal Accents on Hand and Alternate Accordingly


People travel during certain times of the year for a good reason. It’s not just about capitalizing on off-season rates, but more about soaking up the unique atmosphere of a destination. This is especially true when a location’s climate experiences the four seasons. Embrace them in your design and decorating. Collect accents that apply to each and decorate the home accordingly during the transition. Throw-pillows, linens, rugs, and upholstery can take on popular seasonal colors and patterns. Art, centerpieces, florals, and console table accents can convey popular seasonal themes and the associated festivities that travelers may be in town to enjoy. Be sure to take high-resolution photos and update your Airbnb listing with each passing season so that new searchers uncover your timely decorating updates.

4. Open the Entryway 

Interior-Design-Tips-for-Hallways-Entryways (1)

First impressions are everything. Don’t clutter your entryway with anything that can get in the way of your guests. They come with luggage and bags that they are dying to put down. If they feel if that they have to shuffle sideways to get to the main area you’ve already changed their feelings about of your property. Function aside, an open entryway will add to the perception of space (more on this in item #6 below) which also creates a more positive atmosphere. That being said, you’re still encouraged to design the hallway with both aesthetics and flow in mind. Follow these six interior design tips for your entrance hallway.

5. Set and Protect Your Floor Space with Decorative Rugs 


If your Airbnb property has hardwood floors, consider area rugs. Prospective guests will appreciate both the comfort and ornamental touch that area rugs bring. It also provides them (especially those with kids) with peace of mind in knowing that your floors will be safe from the bumps and bruises that can occur. Let them keep their security deposit by covering your floors with decorative area rugs.

6. Enhance the Perception of Space


Work magic with your square footage by enhancing the perception of space. This includes painting with light neutral colors, strategically positioning mirrors, increasing natural light, and installing recessed lighting for wall-washing, the latter being a method used to make smaller spaces feel larger by illuminating wide vertical surfaces. Follow these 7 interior design tips to enhance the feeling of space in a home.

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