Interior Design Ideas and Tips for Your Guest Room

Interior Design Ideas and Tips for Your Guest Room

Interior Design Ideas and Tips for Your Guest Room
One of the most neglected rooms in the home when it comes to interior design is the guest room. Often an afterthought due to its limited use, the guest room may not see as much foot traffic as the rest of your household yet it should be given the same amount of attention for both function and visual appeal. Your guests, be they family (yes, in-laws included) or close friends, are important to you. You not only want to make a positive impression on them, you want them to feel at home when spending a night (or more) in your home. By following the tips below your guest room will become more welcoming and serve as the final piece of the puzzle that brings together the entire design of your home.

5 Interior Decorating and Design Tips for Guest Rooms

1. Paint the Room with Welcoming Colors

Select colors for comfort while creating an aura of wanderlust when selecting the paint for the walls and ceiling. Hotels, resorts, and contemporary B & B’s do so to set the tone for their guests, why not provide yours with that same experience? Blues and greens, commonly used in coastal accommodations, are known to elicit a feeling of serenity and are conducive to a good night’s rest. Neutral colors such as a rich grays and browns also have a calming effect while adding elegance when touched with the right accents such as ornate frames and window fashions.

2. Install Motorized Shutters to Manage Natural Light

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the natural light that enters the room where they sleep. Some enjoy a hint of light coming from the star and moonlit sky, while others prefer to slumber in pitch black. Some embrace nature’s alarm clock, allowing the rising dawn to gradually awaken them while others prefer the digital version, set to their own agenda. Allow your guests to dictate the state of their sleep by installing motorized shutters that accommodate their preferences. The right shutter system can be automated, set to open and close when their hearts desire. Function aside, the material varieties available for motorized shutters, from rich woods to vinyls, add an unmatched element of aesthetic appeal.

3. Best Practices for Guest Room Beds

Choosing the bed, or beds, for your guest room will truly depend upon the trend of guests that you have staying at your home year in and out. Those that have family units with children visiting on special occasions (grandparents, aunts/uncles) may consider matching twin or bunk beds. Those that tend to have casual visitors rarely spending more than one night could make due with a stylish daybed, which also helps turn the guest room into a comfortable lounge area. Once selected, decorate the bed with accent cushions, duvet covers, throws, and other interior design elements that complement the bed’s position in your guest room.

4. Fresh Flower Display for the Day of Arrival

Nothing makes guests feel more special than a fresh flower display set on a bureau or end table within the room to receive them on their arrival. It shows the guest/s that their host is happy to have them. If you happen to know your guest’s favorite type of flora you can customize the bouquet accordingly, and truly impress them.

5. Swap Out Accents to Suit the Tastes of Regular Guests

This last tip is a fun one. It allows you to channel your inner-treasure hunter, curating items on your shopping expeditions and travels, picking up home accent items that you enjoy even if they do not work in the current design of your living areas. These accents can range from antique to contemporary, from traditional to curio, and even a little kitsch (if you can get away with it). With this ever-growing collection you can swap decorative pieces in and out of the guest room, with selections tailored to the tastes of your respective guest/s. The more “custom” the experience is for them the more they will feel welcome. With this final touch your home’s job as a host accommodation will be deemed a complete success.

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