Interior Design Ideas for Your Summer Guest Room

Interior Design Ideas for Your Summer Guest Room

Interior Design Ideas For Your Summer Guest Room Color

Summer is here and like many households you’re about to receive friends or family for an overnight or extended stay. You take pride in the appearance and function of your home and you want to put your best food forward and wow your guests, especially when it comes to their accommodations.

We recently published an article on interior design ideas for your bedroom in the summer. From there you may most certainly pull inspiration for the other boudoirs in your abode. However, what’s good the host isn’t necessarily good for the guest. Your guest room serves a specific purpose and should be designed and decorated accordingly. Let’s take a look at some of the current season trends in guest room design.

5 Interior Design and Decorating Inspirations for Your Guest Room in the Summer Season

1. Sheer Bed Canopy for Comfort and Privacy

Interior Design Tips for Summer Guest Rooms

Summer nights can be warm. Without air conditioning your guests may be inclined to throw aside their linens and wear light-material sleeping attire. However, as guests in your home, they may feel less comfortable in doing so. The perfect solution is a sheer bed canopy. The flowy material will allow air to penetrate while providing the privacy they need to feel at home. From an aesthetic perspective a canopy makes an immediate impression, creating a summer villa feel from the moment they walk into their temporary resting place.

2. Custom Accents for a Personal Touch

Interior Design Ideas for Your Summer Guest Room

If you really want to impress, begin collecting decorative accents (art, curio, etc.) that individual guests will appreciate. Before they arrive, swap out existing pieces for the fun ones you curated with them in mind. For example, your visitor may have a penchant for sailing. For them, you would install a few nautical items around the room. Alternatively, your visitor may be big golfer, in town to enjoy the local tee time. For them, antique golfs clubs mounted on the wall and a clear vase filled with Titleists by the bedside table will bring them sweet green dreams. This concept can take time, thought, and even a little investigation but it’s worth it. The personal touch has a very positive emotional impact on your guests and truly makes them feel welcome.

3. Flora for a Fresh Summer Feel

Interior Design Ideas for Your Summer Guest Room

The backdrop to a perfect summer vacation includes fresh air and flora. Decorate the room with plants and/or flowers before your guest’s arrival, selecting species that recognize current trends in floral design. If you’re concerned about potential allergies it is best to play it safe and stick with plants. The last thing you want is to invite your summer guest into days of sneezing and watering eyes. Alternatively you can consider low-pollen arrangements. Blue hydrangeas for example, have little to no allergy impact while at the same time match Pantone’s color of the year Serenity. Other low-pollen flowers include a azaleas, irises, and snapdragons. The right arrangement will have guests raving about their summer stay.

4. Window Seating for Moments of Solace

Interior Design Ideas for Your Summer Guest Room

The summer season invites natural light in early and welcomes it to stay later in the day. Your guests may also be early risers and setters, and may not want to venture out into the rest of your home and disturb the lair until everyone within wakes. Provide them with a place of relaxation in the guest room, one that is open to the wondrous natural light of summer. Bistro seating by the window works great and creates a cafe setting that invites guests to enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book, or get some work done before the day’s festivities begin.

5. Monochrome Summer Color Scheme for Dramatic Effect

Interior Design Ideas for Your Summer Guest Room-color

Don’t hold back on color when it comes to your summer guest room. This is the season to explore a dramatic color you would not normally consider for the rest of your space. Your guests will appreciate the dedicated theme that it provides their room. Choose colors associated with the season that also have a calming effect such as soft green, powdered blue, or lavender. Seating, area rugs, curtains, and linens can carry the color while you are also encouraged to paint the headboard side of the wall and ceiling in the same monochromatic tone.

Do you have guests arriving in the weeks ahead? Don’t have time to implement any of the design and decorating ideas above? Contact us at 604.986.2080 at your earliest convenience and find out how we can transform your guest room for the summer.




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