Interior Design Tips and Trends for the Summer of 2016

Interior Design Tips and Trends for the Summer of 2016

The summer season is the most wonderful time of the year when it comes to interior design. It allows you the opportunity to let out your fanciful side and brighten your home in so many ways. It’s also a time where your home is frequented by guests more often. And as the days are longer natural light shines a spotlight on every inch of your space, inviting all who arrive to enjoy the scene. In order to put your best square-foot forward we have compiled our list of top tips and trends to inspire the design of your home in the months ahead.

5 Fun Interior Design Ideas for the Summer Season of 2016

1. Tech-Free Living Room


This may seem contrary to the wave of technological advancements in interior design of late, but this trend is being embraced for the summer months. Today’s home is inundated by the internet of things (IoT), so much so that we disconnect from those in the space with us, family and guests included. Thankfully a backlash of sorts is forming and homeowners are doing away with IoT in the living room, at least for the months of June, July, and August. TVs, docking stations, and other installed smart devices are being put in storage for the interim. This creates a space that welcomes conversation and interaction and one that segues to and from your outdoor patio setting where more of the same occurs. Don’t worry, you can install it all again (HBO included) when the rainy days of autumn return.

2. Optimize for Natural Light


With eco-friendly homes moving from trend to mainstay, spaces are being designed to maximize natural light. This not only cuts back on energy consumption, it allows you to reimagine your home. When the days are longer, you can maximize this potential. Install motorized blinds or shutters that are automatically set to adjust to the position of the sun in the summer months. This will increase natural light exposure and let you rearrange your furniture to face the great outdoors. Studies evidence the positive impact on human psychology when natural light is optimized in offices, schools, and commercial settings and the home is no different. In the autumn, winter, and early spring you may not get home in time to enjoy this natural illumination. In the summer, you can. So this season, take advantage and let the sun shine in!

3. Bring in the Flora


Summer and floral arrangements go hand in hand. This is where you can really let loose and bring in fresh floral arrangements on a weekly basis. The trends in floral design announced at the onset of 2016 apply this summer. Blue hydrangea and garden rose will liven up your space but don’t be afraid to inject tropical flare into your arrangements, using plumeria, hibiscus, and anthurium throughout and the tall-standing Bird of Paradise (or Strelitzia) as a centerpiece (use this Pinterest board as inspiration for the latter). You’re also encouraged to introduce large plants and succulents into the home in the summer, but just remember that plants are more permanent and thus you must be prepared to live with them through the four seasons.

4. Swap Out Art for More Fun and Colorful Pieces


Art in the home is becoming a moveable thing. In keeping with the popular pop-up concept in the commercial sector, designers are encouraging you to consider the mobility of paintings, accents, and art installations. The summer invites color in the home and art allows you to bring it in. Swap out existing pieces for more colorful, surprising, and fanciful alternatives. If you’ve been on the fence about hanging a more daring abstract on your walls this is the season to do so. With natural light beaming in you can make great use of a corner space with a large and colorful vase or statuesque item. The TV that was removed from the living room (as per item #1 above) can be temporarily replaced with a gorgeous canvas. Take a few risks with your art installations and use that free space on your walls, halls, and even ceilings. You may end up with some fun permanent fixtures because of it.

5. Open a Fun (and Tasteful) Bar in Your Home

Interior Design Ideas for the Summer

During the summer you’re invited to embrace the season of good spirits and set up a continuous serving station for you and your guests to enjoy. That’s right, set up a “pop up” bar in your home. Before you dismiss this as a frat house concept, note that this fanciful idea can be done tastefully, without the bamboo and palm-thatched trim. If you have a counter that bridges your kitchen and dining room you’re halfway there. But you can also plot this concept near your back patio for indoor and al fresco entertaining. A large console table against the wall or bay-window can accomplish the task but for added impact you can repurpose an old tall-standing bureau or bookshelf and have it repainted to match the new theme. Take it a step further by wallpapering the backsplash. Decorate the bar with summer winery tour finds and decorative bottles that once contained your favorite exotic rums along with themed glassware that invites pouring. Run a cord of dim decorative lighting along the edges for the evening to give it the feel of a Palm Springs resort poolside bar. Don’t forget to display a stainless steel blender and juicer (for fresh squeezed cocktails), not only to add aesthetic and functional appeal, but to let your guests know you’re ready to serve (tip jar optional).

Stay tuned as our interior design centre delivers other room by room inspirations for the season ahead.

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