Interior Design Tips for Vacation Homes – Create the Perfect Getaway

Interior Design Tips for Vacation Homes – Create the Perfect Getaway

Interior Design Tips for Vacation Homes

Last week we posted an article on interior design concepts for vacation rentals. The intent, was to help you design your rental property to receive positive responses from guests and to increase your occupancy rate. This week, we focus on those of you with a vacation home. Your vacation home is your sanctuary, your escape from day to day life, and should be designed to accordingly. The accommodation should be functional and require minimum upkeep while providing for the atmosphere that you crave after arriving via plane, train, or automobile. Your destination awaits, let’s make sure it’s ready.

5 Interior Design & Decorating Tips for Your Vacation Home

1. Decorate with Reckless Abandon if it Makes You Happy

You may want to break out our rule book on the five interior design rules to break because we encourage you to decorate with one key ingredient in mind – happiness. At home, you may be conscious of how you decorate, considering the fact that you entertain friends, family, associates, and possibly conduct business from your home office. In your vacation home however, your tastes, no matter how whimsical or eccentric, are the main focus. Use this as the opportunity to try out new design concepts that get you excited. Use color contrasting combinations that you never before considered, buy that kitschy lamp from the local artisan shop from down the block, collect so many cozy throw-pillows that you can barely see the true color of your sofa. If it makes you feel good when hanging it on the wall, placing it on an end table, or plopping it down as a centerpiece then by all means go for it! This is your vacation (home).

2. Go Au Naturale…with Your Lighting

You’re on vacation. While you don’t want to be shut away from the outside world, neither do you want the buzz of artificial lighting to lull you into indoor submission. Your vacation home should be designed to invite in as much natural light as possible. To ensure that you maximize the potential for this natural light you should install custom motorized blinds with settings that can be adjusted by the time of day and season to consider the sun’s position. From sunrise to sunset you’ll remain energized throughout the day which is imperative because when you’re on vacation, every minute counts.

3. Functional Spill-Proof Furnishings

One key consideration when it comes to furnishing your vacation home is upkeep. If you spill sauce or wine on the sofa when at home you have the luxury of attending to it with fabric-cleaning supplies and are allowed additional subsequent follow-up, such as bringing in a professional cleaner. When on vacation you don’t want to be concerned with such things. Select furnishings that can take spills, remedied with nothing more than a wipe. Consider wicker, slipcovers, or upholster your furniture with conditioned leathers or leather-like vinyl because if you’re truly taking advantage of your time away, wine will be spilled, and where it lands should be of little concern.

4. Functional Floor Finishing

Forget carpeting when it comes to your vacation home. Not only do you want to keep your floors stain-free from spills, you need to protect them from the muddy tracks or sandy toes acquired from an enjoyable day of outdoor adventure. Consider installing hardwood, laminate, tile, or natural stone in your retreat.

5. Set the Tone with Floral Decorating

As a vacation home owner you likely have someone you trust at the destination to check-in on the property from time to time. These individuals will be more than happy to fulfill one additional request before your arrival – providing access for floral decorating delivery. As soon as you confirm the date of your arrival contact an interior design center that specializes in floral decorating. Request a combination of flowers unique to the area, as your appreciation for the region is what had you buy a vacation home there in the first place. If in Hawaii, you may consider white kukui blossoms or yellow hibiscus. If in Palm Springs, daffodils or Mexican Evening Primrose will complement your home well. You get the idea. Imagine opening the door to the sight and scent of an exquisite floral setting on the end and center tables within. Could there be any better way to arrive at your home away from home?

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