Interior Design Tips for Your Vacation Rental

Interior Design Tips for Your Vacation Rental

Interior Design Tips for Vacation Rentals
Owning a vacation rental property is no longer a pipe dream relegated to the very well-to-do. It has become more commonplace as another source of income. The meteoric growth of online resources such as Airbnb have made the concept even easier. Whether you own an expansive waterfront rental on the slopes of West Vancouver BC or a condo in the downtown core you will want to put your best square-foot forward to ensure that your guests have a positive experience. In turn, they will leave glowing reviews (online and word-of-mouth) about your property and ultimately increase the likelihood of frequent occupancy through the year. The best way to make this happen, is to apply interior design concepts to your vacation rental.

5 Interior Design Concepts to Consider for Your Vacation Rental Property

1. Match Decor to the Geography & Cultures of the Region

Visitors choose a destination for a reason. They want to be immersed in the geography and culture of the region, and where they stay should mirror this. A vacationing couple from Florida arriving in the Pacific Northwest of Canada isn’t looking for a Greco-Roman experience when choosing their accommodation. Select decorative pieces that reflect the arts, culture, and scene unique to your city, town, and province/state. Guests prospecting for a place to stay will get excited when viewing the photos of your property and its interior design matches the image they conceived of your locale.

2. Minimalism to Maintain Minimum Upkeep

The last thing guests want when they open your door is to see clutter. Keep furnishings and accents to a minimum, without leaving the rooms too barren. Select two large furnishings for the living space, and just one or two bold decorative statement pieces for each room (living room and bedroom) to comfortably fill the space. You can always decorate the walls with paintings, portraits, and mirrors to add more personality, without compromising square-footage. This will give your rental property a more spacious feeling and at the same time make it much easier to maintain the unit between visitors.

3. Optimal Manipulation of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting has a significant impact not just on your property’s utility bill, but on the mood of visitors. The hotel industry knows this well, and it should be a major part of your vacation rental decor. Install motorized blinds that can be set to accommodate the daylight hours of the season, and filter through the appropriate amount of natural light to elevate the spirits of your guests while reducing the need to flip-on the light switch.

4. Slipcovering to Account for Seasons (and slip-ups)

Cleaning upholstered or cloth furniture can be expensive. To make it easier, outfit your sofas and soft chairs with slipcovers made from beautiful fabrics and trims, changing them to suit the changing seasons. Rotating slipcovers two to four times a year will not only keep them fresh, it customizes your space for the time of the year guests arrive. They will appreciate the added touch! In addition, slipcovers provide surface protection from unfortunate spills that can occur from time to time.

5. Wise Wall & Floor Finishing

Forget about carpet when it comes to your vacation rental. Laying carpet is a long-term recipe for disaster. Choose laminate or hardwood floor finishes for the living spaces and tile or natural stone for bathrooms and the kitchen. To add design and comfort you can use decorative rugs. Your walls also need to be considered to protect the life of your vacation rental, while also adding a touch of class. Choose durable paints that are easy to clean. With wall and floor finishing your vacation rental property will stay beautiful and protected from top to bottom.

Is your vacation rental in the Greater Vancouver area? We can help decorate your property so that is is functional and helps ensure vacationers will want to keep coming back. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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