Interior Design Trends for Offices 2016

Interior Design Trends for Offices 2016


With the fiscal year starting anew all things that impact the success of your business are being reconsidered, including interior design. The design of your workspace influences productivity, employee satisfaction, and provides a welcoming environment for clients. Whether you manage an entire floor or a small boutique operation you will want to note the following trends in workspace interior design.

Latest Trends in Office and Workspace Interior Design for 2016

1. Open Space

The days of partitioning employees into cubicles with nothing to provide an office soundtrack but the clanging of keyboards are over. Your office in 2016 (and beyond) should be open and conducive to productive conversation and interaction. Feel free to knock down partitions and take out a wall if you have to. If you’re a manager with an open door policy consider taking the literal hinges off of your office door and replace stucco walls with glass. You can also take steps to reduce electrical cord clutter, which means going 100% wireless and switching to cloud storage. Consider becoming a paperless company, which will allow you to recycle that monstrosity of a printer collecting dust in the corner. Walking into your new open workspace will be a refreshing experience for employees and clients alike.

2. Organic Design

2016 office design is going organic. That’s right, contemporary tech-industrial trends are taking a backseat this year. Instead, office panels and breakout spaces are being outfitted with reclaimed wood. Desks are also being created from repurposed timber, and made unique so that no two are the same, which is a welcome departure from the cookie cutter cubicle set-up.

In order to boost staff energy levels and reduce energy expenditure (utilities) natural light is being maximized by opening up window spaces and installing skylights. Numerous studies have shown how natural light results in improved health and performance of office workers. PsychologyToday recently reported the following:

“Compared to workers in offices without windows, those with windows in the workplace received 173% more white light exposure during work hours and slept an average of 46 minutes more per night. Workers without windows reported lower scores than their counterparts on quality of life measures related to physical problems and vitality. They also had poorer outcomes in measures of overall sleep quality, sleep efficiency, sleep disturbances and daytime dysfunction.” (Christopher Bergland, Psychology Today)

Organic design is also popping up in offices in cooler climates, where fireplaces are installed to provide a campfire feel. Think nature and your ideas for organic inspiration will flow.

3. Flora Will Result in Flourishing Productivity 

Plants and the rotation of floral arrangements within the workplace will have a very positive impact on productivity. 2016’s push towards organic design also adds flora to the lobby/entryway, setting a favorable tone for both clients and staff. Plants and floral arrangements inside boardroom settings provide a sense of calm and create a supportive and encouraging environment. Your afternoon brainstorming sessions will benefit, and may very well result in the “next big thing” for your business! View the following trends in floral design to get started.

4. Inspire Creativity with Creative Art and Accents

Art has a big place in your office space this year. This trend is the new mainstay, so feel free to commit and invest in bold statement pieces that convey the sense of your brand and corporate culture. Be proud and take things up a notch by having an artist create a piece that incorporates your logo into a work. Depending on your allowed square footage, art can include large murals, paintings, and even sculptures. This implement not only enhances office aesthetics, it inspires brainstorming sessions and boosts creativity.

Incorporating the above trends into your office space is an exciting undertaking but not one that can be done in-house. If your business is located in the Greater Vancouver area, contact our interior design centre at 604.986.2080 or complete the form found here.

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