Interior Design Trends for Winter 2015-16

Interior Design Trends for Winter 2015-16

Interior Design Trends for Winter
Winter is coming. You’re looking at your walls, windows, floors, and furnishings and wondering what you can do to make a statement. Definitive trends for the 2015/16 season have emerged and we’re delivering them to you in time to prepare your home for the most inspiring time of the year.

5 Trends in Interior Design for the 2015/16 Winter Season

1. Grey Anatomy

Smokey grey with a hint of frost will blanket trending homes this winter. This color scheme applies to more than your accents and decor. Your window fashions, upholstery, slipcovers, and area rugs can all carry the tone. If you really want to make an impact paint your walls too. Benjamin Moore grey paints, such as Grey Owl, Silver Chain, or Coventry cover the spectrum.

2. Let the Metallics Shine

The great part about grey headlining trends in interior design this winter is that it lends itself well to metallics. Winter design and decor is all about gloss and shine. The entire 2015 year has called for the playful use of metallics, especially in upholstery and window fashions. Install metallic grey/silver curtains or drapes on your windows. Whether opened or closed the interior and exterior light that bounces off of them will dazzle the eyes of all who enter your home.

3. Whimsical Winter Decor

Winter of 2015/16 encourages you to let out your wild side when it comes to decorating. Whimsy is the word being touted by the industry. The most important rule? Have fun when selecting statement pieces. Large dramatic murals, elaborate light installations, and fanciful sculptures all fit the bill. Hit as many contemporary art auctions and gallery events as you can. Comb through curio shops and boutique decor stores for bold one-of-a-kind items. Don’t return until you have one or two pieces that will stop guests in their tracks and knock them off of their feet.

4. Natural Extravagance on Your Tables

No tabletop should go bare this winter with table decorating becoming more lavish. Winter wedding design spills over into your home, with white florals dominating centerpieces. Forget the faux though, as 2015/16 is all about the natural landscape surrounding you. For the Greater Vancouver area (example), locally sourced pine and fern blend well with other greens to create table arrangements, while ivory roses and white peonies complete a seasonal snow-covered look. The concept of flow is essential. Start with your hallway console table, lead guests through to your decorated entryway table, accent your mantles, and conclude the affair with a strong floral focal point in the dining/entertainment room.

5. Heavy-Knit Throws, Covers, and Slipcovers

knit-throw (1)

Comfort is key this winter. Heavy-knit throws, covers, and even cable-knit slipcovers are notable trends that create a welcoming atmosphere in your home. The color scheme for these thick knits includes variations of grey, complementing the defining color of the season. Your pillows, throws, ottomans, and even sofas can be outfitted accordingly. This trend is well suited to a cottage style home, but also works wonders in a more contemporary condominium.

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