Interior Design & Decorating

Are you finding the interior decorating of your home fun and exciting? Or, stressful and challenging? We’re here to help. We keep the excitement in . . . and the stress out!

Interior Design & Interior Decorating Services

Sometimes it gets confusing. When do I need an interior designer? Or, an interior decorator? Or, do these terms refer to the same profession? Actually, they are two different professions.

Interior designers and interior decorators may both have the ability and talent to create beautiful spaces—and many elements of the work they do overlap—yet each profession brings a select group of skills to your project.

We will step you through the process of determining which profession you need and then provide the exact level of professional services that you require, and at great value.

What We Do

We are a group of interior designers, decorators, and design tradespersons—with our own workshop in North Vancouver BC. We offer a full-service interior design program that can be tailored to your design needs and budget. We will work with you to develop a design theme that delivers one of the following broad options:

  • Reconstructive surgery on an entire space or home; a completely new layout, materials and furnishings

  • Cosmetic surgery where existing furnishings and fixtures are re-presented in exciting and refreshing ways

Whatever your needs, we will:

  • Immerse your project in a world of creative ideas

  • Provide decorating expertise that is inspiring and practical

  • Apply to your project the craftsmanship of old world masters

  • Deliver on our promises

For additional details, please see “Our Commitment” . . .

Scope of Services

Types of Projects

  • New Residential and Commercial Buildings

  • Design Upgrades for Residential and Commercial Properties

  • Home Staging

  • Display Suites

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Strata properties

  • Rentals

  • Institutions (schools, hospitals, etc.)

  • Hospitality (hotels, restaurants, retail)

How We Work with You


  • Review your home’s décor, conduct an analysis of each room’s use and function

  • Inventory existing furniture, fixtures and equipment for possible re-use

  • Discuss your design styles and preferences (avant garde, modern, transitional, traditional, ecclectic, or the melange of styles

  • Establish preliminary budget/cost projections

Preliminary Concepts

  • Research and develop proposals, and create a color board(s) and a Creative Brief

  • Present for your consideration the design themes

  • Revise proposal as may be required for your final approval

  • Finalize budget/cost projections

Final Planning and Design

  • When design concepts and budgets have been approved, any required working drawings will be prepared, and may include:

    • Floor plan/furniture plan

    • Custom furniture/millwork details

    • Room finish and colour schedules

    • Electrical, lighting, digital plans

    • Written specifications

Actioning the Plan

  • Project scheduling, including milestones

  • Trades coordination

  • Quality control

  • Design integrity and concept continuity

For additional details, please see “How We Work . . .”

Fee Schedule

We use a multi-disciplinary design group for our projects. Each project is unique so we only bring to your project the interior design professionals and tradespersons that are really needed. Some projects do not require a certified interior designer, electrical engineer, or an architect. For these projects we use interior decorators and selected tradespersons, as required. This strategy is cost-effective, while at the same time it delivers creative design, premium service and a consistently high degree of client satisfaction.

We have a number of ways we charge for our interior decorator services—whichever the client prefers. For example, our fee schedule accommodates the following structures:

  • Per hour (at a pace and budget you can afford)

  • Per day (including a one-day interior rejuvenation)

  • Per room (cosmetic or reconstructive surgery)

  • Fixed fee

Most clients prefer fixed fee pricing as it minimizes surprises, cost overruns, and it makes it easier to plan and stick to a budget.

We work hard to keep the process simple, fun and exciting, as well as within the budgetary reach of everyone. Whether you rent or own your condo, loft, or estate—we can work with your style and decorating needs.

Remember: Your first hour of consultation is always free!

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