Picture Framing

“Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.”—G. K. Chesterton

What We Do

Frame Types

  • Natural Wood
  • Veneers
  • Metal
  • Fabric Covered
  • Reclaimed Timber
  • Craquelure
  • Raised Motifs
  • Stretcher Frames
  • Shadow Boxes
  • Custom Frames


  • Paintings
  • Tapestries
  • Prints
  • Photographs
  • Certificates
  • Children’s Artwork
  • Elements of Nature (flowers, leaves, shells)
  • Awards
  • Specialty Applications

How We Work With You

Consultation with our North Vancouver Interior Design Team

Your in-depth consultation with an experienced member of our team will form the foundation upon which your framing project is developed. We will use our experience, trained eye and natural intuition to select frames that will enhance your artwork. We will listen attentively to your requirements, to ensure that the final product reflects your personal style and blends harmoniously with the rest of your décor.

Big Picture

We recognize that purchasing customized products for your home is about more than that individual element. It is about conveying your personality and style through unique, quality pieces that make a statement. It is also about creating a seamless and harmonious blend between the old and the new. Whether we are redesigning an entire room or creating a single custom element, we take into consideration the entire look and feel of your home to create something with beauty and balance.

Room/Space Requirements

Once the vision for your project and the feel of your home as a whole has been established, we turn our attention to the technical aspects of the process. For example, what size should the final piece be to ensure that it works with the scale of the accompanying furnishings. The effect of the natural and artificial lighting that will fall on the artwork will be considered to ensure that the artwork is both properly displayed and conserved.

Style of Frame/Mat

Next, we will assist you in personally selecting from the multitude frame and mat styles available. We will guide you toward a style that will express your decorating vision and complement the artwork.

Frame and Mat Colour Selection

Selecting the correct colour of mat and frame for your artwork is essential to ensure that the artwork remains the star attraction. We will work with you to select colours that naturally appeal to your own personal style, enhance the artwork and coordinate with your existing décor.


A detailed estimate will be prepared for your review. Once accepted, a 50% deposit will be collected and work will commence on your project.


A timeline will be prepared for larger projects, outlining the steps involved and the estimated completion date.


Our expert North Vancouver based picture framing staff will finish your custom project with quality materials, old world craftsmanship and the utmost attention to detail.


Our full-service promise includes personally caring for your project from beginning to end. If desired, our experienced and courteous installers will accurately install your custom project with the care and attention it deserves.

Pricing Structure

Choice of Frame

Many elements will affect the price of your project. Most obvious, perhaps, is the selection of frame. Readymade frames are a great way to save money on standard size pieces. However, many pieces of artwork will benefit greatly from the attention to detail and extensive selection available through custom framing. Frame styles vary widely from elaborate and ornate to sleek and simple, likewise the cost of frames also varies significantly based on the style selected.

Mat Selection & Style

Single, double, ultra thick, various face and core colour, and custom cuts are just some of the options available when selecting the correct mat(s) for your project. The products selected and the amount of detailed cutting required will all affect the final price of your project, as will choosing conservation quality products.

Glass Options

Options such as superior quality conservation grade glass or Plexiglas will add both to the lifespan and the cost of a framing project.

Considerations for Frame Selection


In selecting a frame, you need to walk the fine line between boring and uninspired, and loud and overpowering. A good frame choice will enhance, but not overwhelm. Choose a colour that is dark enough to contain and support the piece without overshadowing it. The texture and style of the frame should also pick up on the design and subtleties of the image itself. While selecting an appropriate frame needs to be primarily focused on complementing the image itself, the décor of the room in which it will be hung needs to be taken into consideration. The final product should harmonize with its surroundings. The style, texture or colour of the frame need only be picked up by one or two additional elements in the room, in order to create that sense of balance and harmony.

Quality & Conservation

A quality frame should have crisp well-met corners with no gaps or putty showing. Measurements should be exact and the finish clean and free from flaws. The best mats for protecting your precious artwork are conservation-quality matboards. Conservation quality glass or Plexiglas are also important for preserving your artwork for years to come. They screen out most of the UV rays and reflect very little light, allowing for greater clarity and protection.

Framing Trends


Transitional frames include a blending of traditional and modern elements.  This fusion of old and new is becoming more and more popular in décor in general and these types of frames work well in this eclectic environment.  They can also serve as an excellent bridge to tie a traditional piece of artwork into a modern room or vice versa.


A small piece of artwork can become an impressive focal point, even in a large room, with the use of oversized frames and/or mattes.  Precise color selection ensures that the oversize framing treatment enhances the artwork rather than overwhelming it.


Coordinated groupings can be an excellent way to turn your vacation or family photos into an artistic focal point.  Create unity and style with the use of similar frames or mats and hang a number of images close together to form one cohesive and beautiful display.


Hand-crafted eco-friendly frames constructed from reclaimed wood are a great way to feel good about your beautiful artwork and the frames that show them off!

Traditional Quality. Today's Décor.