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Interior Design Tips and Trends for the Summer of 2016

The summer season is the most wonderful time of the year when it comes to interior design. It allows you the opportunity to let out your fanciful side and brighten your home in so many ways. It’s also a time …

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Hottest Trends in Floral Design 2016

floral-design-trends-2016 (1)

There may still be two months until spring but floral design is already on the tip of the industry’s tongue. Timely as ever, floral design is a hot topic at the onset of 2016. If you’re looking to enhance the …

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5 Interior Design Tips to Warm Your Home in Winter

5 Interior Design Tips to Warm Your Home in Winter
The autumn and winter seasons are delightful for the fashion conscious. You bundle up and layer your your wardrobe from top to bottom in the latest trends while keeping warm and cozy. However, when you return home, that comfort can …

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Interior Design Ideas for Industrial Lofts

Interior Design Ideas For Industrial Lofts1

Open-space industrial lofts have always been popular amongst trendy young professionals, artists, entertainers and others with a penchant for contemporary urban living. City-planners, land developers and architects capitalize on this trend by turning old industrial sectors into residential districts to …

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6 Interior Design Tips and Ideas for Travelers

Interior Design Tips for Travelers

There’s a big difference between a vacationer and a traveler. For the former, trips often consist of all-inclusive packages and two-week cruises that occur once, maybe twice per year. For the latter, the hyphenates “all-inclusive” and “two-week” feel more like …

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5 Interior Design Tips for the Summer

5 Interior Design Tips for Summer

Summer is the season to let the interior design of your home shine. It is the season of whimsy, a time to act on those fanciful decorating ideas that you’ve been concocting over the autumn, winter, and spring months. It’s …

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Top Interior Design Apps to Help You Design Your Home

Top 5 Interior Design Apps

The name Old World Interiors may be evocative of an era but as one of Greater Vancouver’s premier interior design centre we keep ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting edge technology. Our blog serves to provide you …

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5 Window Fashion Tips for Your Home

Window Fashions

Window fashion has grown from being a component within an interior design project to becoming a much sought after singular request from homeowners looking to update and beautify their homes. Windows are a gateway to the world for those standing …

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Interior Design Tips for Your Home Office

Interior Design Tips For Your Home Office4

More people are working from home than ever before. It seems that this is even more true for the Lower Mainland. Perhaps it’s entrepreneurial spirit or the fact that many of our international industrial sectors are growing, allowing for a …

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