Top Interior Design Apps to Help You Design Your Home

Top Interior Design Apps to Help You Design Your Home

Top 5 Interior Design Apps

The name Old World Interiors may be evocative of an era but as one of Greater Vancouver’s premier interior design centre we keep ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting edge technology. Our blog serves to provide you with tips of the trade and this week we point you to your smartphones and tablets with interior design in mind. Before you jump into your home’s next DIY project you may want to download the following apps.

5 Recommended Apps That Can Help You with the Interior Design of Your Home

1. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

The popular online resource Houzz has been referred to as the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” due to its wealth of information and hoards of enthusiasts that visit the app everyday. The Houzz app is all about inspiration, providing users with all they need to change the look and feel of their homes. The growing database of high-resolution images (over 2 million and counting) depicting every imaginable concept and home fashion can keep you captivated for hours on end. You can either browse a preset category or tap a theme (e.g. Mediterranean) into the app’s search function to unveil a match that suits your tastes, allowing you to create an idea-book before finalizing the look that you want. Bring in your discoveries on the The Houzz app and we will work with you to bring your ideas to life. is especially recommended if you want to present your local interior design centre with a general outline of what you would like to accomplish for your project. FREE (iPhone/iPad and Android)

2. Color Capture

It’s that time of the year (this statement applies to anytime!) to follow our tips to adding color to your home. When doing so, arming yourself with an app to match home furnishings, accessories, drapes, blinds, and even your favorite closet fashions to the paint scheme of your home will help. The Color Capture app allows you to snap a smartphone/tablet photo of any color and instantly match it to one of Benjamin Moore’s 3,300 paint colors. From there, you can save colors into a favorites “idea book”, play around with color combinations, and share your choices on your social networks to get feedback from friends. Not using Benjamin Moore? No problem. All you have to do is follow each color scheme to My Perfect Color to search color matches by brand. It’s that easy! FREE (iPhone/iPad and Android)

3. Photo Measures

Photo Measures allows you to take pictures of your rooms and furnishings and append notes to each photo regarding dimensions of your space. This simple concept is a saving grace when you want to take “the look” of an existing room with you when visiting a shop to secure furnishings and accessories. The app is popular amongst both home interior and exterior professionals, recently quoted as “our favorite measurement app” by even the likes of a local Vancouver gutter repair specialist in their own “top apps” list. You can envision not only what these purchases will look like in the room, you can determine if and how they will fit within it. Practical, easy to use, and visually appealing! $6.99 (iPhone/iPad) and $4.99 (Android)

4. Home Design 3D

Create and customize your floor plan and interior design ideas with Home Design 3D. It all starts by drawing out the floor plan of your home in a easy to use 2D format. In the beginning mode you can add entryways, windows, and walls in accordance with your home. Once you switch to 3D mode (where the fun begins!) you can add furnishings, carpeting/hardwood/tiles, and choose among hundreds of objects, all while customizing by color and texture. If you’re considering knocking down or changing the thickness of a wall you can do so. The possibilities are endless and the photo-realistic rendering puts you in the scene so that you can get a feel for what your newly designed home will look like. This is probably the most addictive of the apps recommended here. $7.99 for Pro (iPhone/iPad and Android)

5. Sun Seeker

This app is a sophisticated one that dives into the science of interior design and the role of natural light. The concept complements our recent article on using window fashions to manage the natural light in your home. Sun Seeker includes a flat view compass, GPS, a magnetometer, accelerometers, a gyroscopand, and a 3D augmented reality camera that displays the solar path entering your windows. It also displays natural light’s hourly intervals, winter/summer solstice paths, sun rise and set times and includes a map view that shows the solar direction of each daylight hour. What all of this means, is that you can make decisions about your window installations, paint schemes, lighting, and furnishings and how the overall look will be impacted by the natural light that shines not only today, but throughout the entire year. This app is great not only for DIY interior design, but for home-staging and architectural projects as well. $9.99 (iPhone/iPad) and $6.99 (Android)

Stay tuned to our interior design blog as we continue to deliver innovative ideas on how to manage the design of your home.

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