Top Interior Design & Decorating Apps for 2016

Top Interior Design & Decorating Apps for 2016

Best Interior Design and Decorating Apps for 2016

As an interior design centre that stays on top of trends and technology we ensure that our current and prospective clients have the most up to date information available. Earlier in the year we delivered our recommendations for mobile apps that can help you with your DIY projects. With 2016 around the corner it is time to add to the list with a new set of smartphone/tablet applications for both your interior design and decorating needs.

Top 6 Interior Design and Decorating Apps for Your DIY Projects in 2016

1. Zillow Digs

Zillow Digs was born from the popular Zillow real estate website and app. Zillow understands the deep connection between real estate and interior design methodology, with attention to the later helping sell the former. By introducing Digs, they have provided you with a valuable tool to guide you through the interior design of your home. Digs acts as a hub for home improvement and design ideas. In addition to inspiration, Digs allows you to compile cost estimates, match paint colors, collect and save image boards, and receive a wealth of home decor/design product information. The app delivers it all with stunning imagery and an iOS-optimized interface. The only downside is that project cost estimates are only available to U.S. residents. Otherwise Zillow Digs can be used to help anyone, anywhere, organize their home for space, style, function, and flow. (FREE iTunes)

2. Homestyler Interior Design

Homestyler Interior Design creates a 3D virtual environment to let you see how furnishings, decor, and installations will look in your home before you spend a dime. Architectural Digest named it one of their “8 Can’t Live Without Decorating Apps” and with Homestyler’s October 2015 software update the app lives up to the accolades. All that you need to do is take a smartphone/tablet picture of a room to get started. From there you can test wall colors, accent items, fixtures, floor finishing, window fashions, and existing furnishings available on the retail market. The app also delivers up to date information on the latest trends, DIY articles, and can even connect you with an interior designer or decorator in your area. Once you’ve created your spaces you can share the concepts with your friends, family, and coworkers though both Facebook and email. (FREE iTunes / FREE Android)

3. ArtSee

ArtSee answers your question about the painting/portrait that you are considering buying. You no longer have to wonder what it will look like on your wall. Download the app and snap photos of bare walls in your home or office to get started. From there, you can browse an extensive collection of paintings and prints and use the app to place them on your walls in a virtual environment. This will give you a good idea of what varying canvas sizes and color combinations will look like on your walls. If that doesn’t cut it, you can simply visit your local gallery or art show, take a picture of the piece you are interested in, and upload it to the ArtSee app and enter pertinent information about the artist and gallery. The ArtSee app will go to work to identify if they can track down the image through their partner galleries and if so, it will be added to their database and made available for your use. Once you’re satisfied, you can share the renditions with your friends on Facebook or email it directly to your interior designer for feedback. (FREE iTunes)

4. MagicPlan

MagicPlan allows you to create a professional floor plan with work estimates for your home or office. Take mobile photos of your rooms and upload them to the app. From there the intuitive app measures your space and draws floor plans. You can then add objects, products, and features to map out the area and make annotations to generate professional reports. The app also allows you to add information about your local taxes and includes a roll cut editor to generate an accurate estimate. The plans are made available in a PDF, JPG, DXF, PNG, SVG or CSV format. (FREE iTunes / FREE Android)

5. Home Design 3D GOLD

Home Design 3D Gold is an enhanced version of the predecessor we included on our top 5 apps list of 2015. This is one of the most intuitive and efficient home design and decorating apps in existence. The Gold version takes interior design tech to another level. Draw rooms, alter shapes, adjust orientation, create openings, and add walls that can vary in thickness all within an easy drag-and-drop 2D environment. You can even alter the exterior of your home to accommodate the architectural changes within. With the design set, you can choose from amongst hundreds of objects and accent pieces to manipulate the decor of a room. If you want to step things up a notch, you can upgrade the Gold app to a more sophisticated 3D version with a daytime/nighttime function that addresses natural light entering your room and its impact on design and decor throughout the day. When it comes to color, Home Design 3D Gold provides texture in 450 different shades. Sharing functions are also superior on the Gold version, allowing you to do so not only via social media, but via a Dropbox to limit exposure to whom you see fit. The latter feature also means that you can synchronize your projects so that your interior designer and/or decorator can work with you. ($9.99 iTunes)

6. Instagram 

Instagram is nothing new but it certainly isn’t slowing down in popularity within the interior design and decorating community. Professionals and enthusiasts alike are taking to Instagram for ideas and inspiration for their home and/or office. In addition, the social network allows you to connect with others of a like-mind and find interior design firms, decorators, and home decor products (art, fixtures, installations, etc.) in your area. You are likely already using this app, but are you using it to optimize your interior design and decorating projects? Start today by following @vancouver_interior_design on Instagram. (FREE iTunes / FREE Android)

For all of the technology at your fingertips there is no substitute for placing your interior design needs in the hands of a professional. If your home or office in located in the Lower Mainland of BC feel free to contact us at (604) 986-2080 anytime or complete the form found here.

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