Top Interior Design & Decorating Trends for 2016

Top Interior Design & Decorating Trends for 2016


Over the past few months our interior design centre has been delivering top trends in specialized fields of interior design. We’ve touched on upholstery, floor finishing, and window fashions. With next week being the first of 2016 it’s time to recap items you may have missed while providing you with other new trends to apply to your home design.

Interior Design & Decorating Trends to Watch for in 2016

Custom 3D Printed Installations and Accents


The future has arrived. 3D printing technology is being widely used in architecture and interior design, allowing invested parties to view renditions in a tangible format. It has now become an economically viable means to produce custom designs for your home. You are now able to tap into 3D technology to create custom faucets, lighting installations, decorative accents and more for your space. (image:

Patterned Fabrics Everywhere

Wherever fabric is found in your home bright and bold patterns can follow in 2016. Striped, geometric, floral, and abstract patterns are all fair game. From curtains and drapes to rugs and upholstery you’re encouraged to adopt patterned textiles in your rooms.

Eclecticism to Reflect Personality


By definition, eclecticism as it applies to interior design draws upon multiple theories, styles, or ideas to gain complementary insights into the personality of your home. It often comes without conventions or rules to dictate how or which theories are combined. The only guideline, is that you pay attention to quality. Otherwise, in 2016 you’re encouraged to throw caution to the wind by designing and decorating your home to suit your tastes, even if it contradicts traditional theory. You are the one who lives in your home, if it feels right, then you’re on the right track. The following quote sums up the eclectic trend in interior design best:

“Interiors that reflect individual interests and a wide variety of styles, all brought together in a personal, non-formulaic mix, with an emphasis on quality and detail.” (Architectural Digest – Dec 2015)

Bringing the Plants Back Indoors

Minimalism from the days past may have kicked plants and other forms of decorative flora to the outside curb but in the coming year you will see a resurgence of oxygen producing accents. Organic themes are carrying over from 2015 and plant-life is a big part of the trend. Floral decorating in particular will no longer be considered solely for special events and gatherings in your home (not that it ever should have been). Remember that this trend applies to real plants and flora, so leave the artificial ones to hotel lobbies and waiting rooms.

The Future is Sustainable and Locally Sourced

2016 is encouraging you to take advantage of your surroundings in a responsible manner. Interior designers are sourcing locally whenever possible. This not only includes the use of plants endemic to your region and reclaimed wood furnishings, it applies to the nature of the service as well. Local furniture makers, artisans, fabric designers, and the like are being tasked by local interior designers to satisfy your needs. You will know exactly where your installations and decorative pieces come from, and you’ll gain confidence in their quality and sustainability alike.

Hybrid of Old and New in the Bedroom


The year ahead sees a return to the old world in the bedroom. However, before you dust off your grandmother’s antiques and place them by your bedside note that this trend also incorporates a modern feel. This look provides the feel of comfort and security, a design element that is seeing a resurgence in light of current world affairs. You can accomplish the look with an ornately framed bed with a matching headboard accompanied by an antique bureau in an otherwise contemporary room.

Integrated Efforts Between Homeowner and Interior Designer 

With the new year having arrived you’re likely busier than ever. Be it new business opportunities or a renewed commitment to spending time with loved ones, 100% DIY projects in the home are becoming less viable. In 2016 you’re asked to empower yourself by employing professionals to work with you to accomplish your interior design goals. The industry has grown, and become more specialized to accommodate your unique tastes. Quality of fabrics and materials used for installations and furnishings are better than ever. Any trepidation you may have had in trusting someone else to design your home can now fall to the wayside. Allow a professionally trained interior design expert to manage the design and decor of your home, and dedicate the days of the year ahead, to you.

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